Best Online English Courses for Programmers

Studying a new language can open up many ways in life. It can be the key to a new job or a promotion. Or it can help overcome the last hurdle for further education. But choosing a suitable English classes program can be confusing due to the many options available.

We have selected the three best online courses for teaching English and listed them below. Each of these courses requires a different approach, and you are sure to find one that fits your style.


This 77-hour course is one of Udema’s best-selling courses, and for a good reason. The on-demand format makes it easy to adapt to even the busiest schedules. The course is open to students without knowledge of the language and adds 1,000 words, phrases, and idioms to the new English vocabulary.

Students can also speak fluently and confidently, read at an intermediate level, and understand the language well enough to watch movies and television. The course can also prepare for various English language tests, including TOEFL, something, and GMAT. Among the higher lists on this list, it’s worth the time.

Who should take this course? Udemy focuses on this course for beginners. Students should have at least four hours a week devoted to listening and speaking aloud.


It is one of the leading online education providers and has partnered with the University of Pennsylvania to offer this 40-hour course. Free to check, the program is funded by the US Office. State Office for Education and Cultural Affairs of the Ministry of English Language Teaching.

The courses teach English through business skills such as job search, resume, cover letter, and interview. Students can start at any time, and content is available as needed. The Ivy League University of Pennsylvania provides instructors. As with most of its free programs, Coursera offers the option to pay $ 49 for a verification certificate upon completion. Payment of the fee also provides download access to all course content.

Who should take this course? Every English student who hopes to work in the US will find a lot of fun in this program – lessons start at a fundamental level.

This course is more advanced than many other options on this list and requires some prior knowledge of English grammar. Educated by instructors from the University of California, Irvine, the program focuses on business and academic language development. To this end, the curriculum emphasizes grammatical elements that can confuse English students. These include verbs, nouns, and conjunctions.

As a higher-level course, the class has graded assignments and quizzes, peer feedback, and a significant project, all done online. Successful completion will result in a certificate. Class audits are free. Coursera requires a fee for access to all content and certification.


Alison is a free online learning platform with 20 million students and 3.5 million graduates, and 3,000 courses. This course itself has a unique approach to teaching business English. Like many other online English language programs, English-speaking students will learn the basics of finding a job, applying for a job, and conducting job interviews in the United States.

But Alison took it a step further and compared these job search criteria with the same processes in each student’s country, which showed that it helps students understand concepts faster.

This course is taught by teachers from the University of Pennsylvania and is designed for beginners in English. Students will leave with a professional resume, networking skills, and the ability to write a cover letter.

Students will also significantly increase their fluency in the language and their English vocabulary. Although all parts of the course are free, certification costs $30 and is only available to those who have earned 80 percent or more of their marks.


These courses require three to four hours a week for several months, but they vary. The shortest period lasts only a few hours, while the entire procedure lasts about five months. These offer flexible schedules that allow students to complete lessons at their own pace. This type makes it easy to find a course that suits any schedule.

The only way to study a language quickly is to dive into it. That means a lot of time and practice. Read as much as possible. Talk to friends and neighbors and the people you meet. Download the app to practice wherever you are and write new words to expand your vocabulary.