How To Enable 4G / LTE Only Mode on Xiaomi MI Mobile?

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So recently i see on a forum and i found a question related to MI Mobile and i see a MI Phone user asking a question-related to “Enable 4G / LTE” and he doesn’t know how to enable 4G / LTE only mode on Xiaomi MI mobile, so then I was thinking to fix the issue.

So that’s why i made this article for those peoples who don’t know how to set up 4G/LTE only mode on there MI Mobile? and i 100% sure if you carefully read my step by step guide then you can do it.

By Default Xiaomi Gives You Three Internet Options

Basically almost every Xiaomi smartphones gives you theree diffrents internet options like Redmi 9i. Poco M2. Poco X3. Poco X3 NFC. Redmi 9 (India) Mi 10 Ultra and so many more, and those will gives you theree internet settings.

  1. Prefer LTE
  2. Prefer 3G
  3. 2G only (saves your battery life)

Steps to Enable 4G / LTE Only Mode on Xiaomi

So if you’re looking to know about how you can enable your 4G / LTE only mode on Xiaomi phone then here is the best and simple guide for you, so just follow my steps and do it yourself.

  • So first, go to your “settings”.
  • Then find the “About Phone” option and then click on it.
  • Now find the “Internal Storage” option and click on it (4 times).
  • Now you will see a popup message where you will find three options, so here you just click on the first option called “Phone Information 1”.
  • Now here you will find so many texts related to your MI Phone informations, so from here you just click on the “Set Prefered Network Type”.
  • Now just select “LTE Only”.

{So, here youre “Congragulation” now you enabled your 4G LTE mode on your Xiaomi Mi phone}

Video Version Of This Step By Step Process For Better Understand

If you didn’t do that with the first way then here i have another way to do that, so if you failed to do this then follow my method number two to enable only LTE mode on your Xiaomi phone.

Another Method To Enable Only LTE Mode on Xiaomi Mi Phone

This is more simple, so just follow my steps below and then try to do this on your phone, I’m going to show again the same way but this is quite different.

  • Go to your “Dialer app”.
  • Then Dial *#*#4636#*#* on your Dialer app.
  • So then you will see two options “Phone Information1” “Phone Information2”.
  • So you need to click on the “Phone information”.
  • Then find the “Set Prefered Network Type” and click on it and then just select the “LTE” only mode from here.

So here youre, now you enabled your only LTE mode on your Xiaomi Mi phone.

After doing this you don’t need to restart your phone.

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