Evie Launcher For Android – How To Download & Use?

I used so many launchers on my android phone because I love to make my phone beautiful and colorful, and recently I used Action launcher on my android and I really satisfied by using this.

But i told you a thing i like to use launchers on my phone and that’s why i regular change my phone launchers for getting more beautiful features, i already used so many launchers apps.

But now i will introduce you a launcher called Evie launcher and this is one of the best and beautiful smooth launcher for android and tablet devices, and this app i already used on my phone.

Recently i installed this launcher from play store and i shocked by seeing this launcher app features, and here i will give you all the features related to Evie launcher for android and also i will give you step by step official process to download and install this app on your any android phone.

Features And Review of Evie Launcher

If we talk about the review of the Evie launcher app then i will tell that i see on this launcher: basically this is one of the best launchers and when i installed this launcher on my phone then this app just get my “Location” and “Contact” details.

But you can also, do untick those check marks by using your fingers, and then you can also, click on the “Deny” button for without any permission access.

You can also, import your old launcher features, suppose before using Evie launcher you’re using action launcher and now you suddenly installed this launcher on your phone and now you want to get all the folders and files from action launcher to Evie launcher then you can do it by using this.

This is too much smooth and easy to useable launcher for your android, if you don’t know so many settings then you can use this launcher for easy use, and also if you want to go your “Home” page apps, then you can do it by “swipe up” by your finger.

This app has there pre-installed listed menus, and also, you can use them also, vertical style by clicking on the top right corner.

Features of Evie Launcher

01 – Quick Navigation: You can navigate all the important apps and documents by using this feature, suppose you’re looking for an app from your phone but you can’t find this, so what can you do for it? you can find this by using the Quick navigation feature, and basically this is a regular feature of so many launchers.

02 – Personalization: This feature i like to use for any launcher, and Evie also, has the feature with so many advanced things, as you can easily customize your customize layout, wallpaper, icon size, app icons, icon size, and so many things.

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03 – Custom Shortcuts: This feature peoples are not using on their phone because they forget about this, i will tell you what is the shortcut feature? basically, if you want to call your “Father” then you can set it by a shortcut, and when you got an emergency case then you can use the shortcut feature to immediately call your father.

04 – Lock and Unlock: You can also, find an amazing lock and unclock feature on this app for secure your all data, so you dont need to use any other app for your security purpose.

05 – Recently Added Some Features: Recently Evie launcher launched so many features for there users like now you can use Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing search engines on their app, also, you can lock your home screen by using this app.

How To Download Evie Launcher For Android?

So now you want to download and use this launcher on your android, if yes! then read the step by step process to download this Evie launcher on your android by using official way.

  • Go to your android phone and then unlock it.
  • Then find the Play Store app and open it.
  • And now you just click the “Search Box” and search for this “Evie Launcher” and click on go.
  • And that’s set now you just click on the first result on Play Store and click on “Install” and then the play store will automatically installed your app easily without any problem.

Third-Party Notice

We don’t recommend you use any third party android apps, games, launchers, because they are harmful to your phone and your data, that’s why we don’t link any third party websites, and we provide genuine and legal information on our website.

Set Up Evie Launcher on Your Android

After install and opening this Evie launcher on your android now its time to properly set up it on your phone for changing your old launcher and activate the latest launcher, so to do that you just follow some steps and activate it on your phone.

  • First, open the app.
  • Then click on “Grant Access” button for give them some permission of your phone, (Don’t worry you can also, uncheck them for your security resion)
  • Then click on the “Yeah” button for the final launch of this app.
  • Then now if you have already any old launcher and if you want to import data from old launcher to new launcher then click on the “Import” button and that’s set.

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So if you already do that then now your Evie launcher is completely activated to use, and now you can properly use this and get all the amazing free features.

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This launcher has so many features like “Hide apps” and so many more so if you use this on your phone then you can get all benefits of this app, so first install and try to use this.

So if you found anything helpful from this article then please do comment and also, do share with your social media friends, and also, if you have any problem regarding this topic then feel free and comment.