Nine Proven Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast in 2022

YouTube is the second-largest web search engine on the planet. With over one billion people using YouTube, you will have the chance to present your content in front of an international market eager to purchase.

Perhaps you have already got a YouTube channel. However, it’s not expanding. Or, if we’re honest, you may not be investing enough into it to make it grow. Let’s make a change.

The article I’m writing about will show 22 ways to increase the number of subscribers to your YouTube channel so that you can watch the number of subscribers grow.

1. Begin by Conducting the Research on Keywords

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Keywords help optimize titles and descriptions to ensure that your videos are ranked in YouTube and Google search results.

With the sheer volume of content being produced on YouTube, the ability to rank on search is of the highest importance if you wish for your content to be seen by viewers.

2. SEO Optimization for YouTube Videos for SEO

As with standard SEO techniques, YouTube Search Optimization is primarily about placing your keywords in the appropriate locations to help YouTube determine the relevance of your keyword to search queries of users.

These are the three primary areas in which you should use your keyword. The use of your keyword in the title of your video will have an impact on the search results.

However, you don’t have to include the exact search term. Instead, you should use a captivating title that refers to the keyword.

3. Search for Similar Content on YouTube

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This is an automatic segue following your keyword research. While searching for terms on YouTube as well as Google, it is essential to be watching videos that are already getting a high rank for your keyword.

Why is this? Because it will not only provide you with an idea of what’s being viewed by the public but also help you spot the gaps in content and its quality.

It is important to critically analyze the videos and note down your ideas to improve them. Go one step further by reading the comments to find out what the viewers expressed their opinions.

You’ll find plenty of feedback on the audience’s expectations and the things they did and disliked.

4. Put Money Into Your Video Quality

If you want to create leads through your content and grow your channel’s reach on YouTube, you must create HD videos by investing in a high-quality video camera and other equipment.

According to research, 68.7 percent of videos on the top page of YouTube search results are in HD (720P, also known as 1080p).

5. Optimize YouTube Videos to Increase Watch Time

YouTube is a platform that wants users to stay longer on its site and enjoy as much content as they can.

Because the longer a person is on the platform on the platform, the more ads they’ll view/click. This is the reason its algorithms for searching favor videos that have a longer duration of watch.

How can you boost the time spent watching your video?

  • Create longer-length videos: Instead of creating 5-6 minutes of videos, you should cover the subject in-depth and aim for 15 minutes for each video.
  • Eliminate Long Intros: People don’t have patience for lengthy boring, and formal introductions. If you want viewers to stay on the show, ensure they get what they want now.
  • Cut The Flavor: Follow a video script to eliminate unnecessarily “hmms and AAAS.”
  • Don’t be Monotonous: People are bored quickly when you talk to them within a single frame. Make your videos more entertaining by moving them around, switching backgrounds and screens and sharing your instances, asking for clarifications, and generally keeping a high level of energy in your voice.

You need to begin with a great video editing software that can help you create eye-catching and attractive videos. While you can always pay for the video software in the form of subscriptions, a cheaper alternative would be to download the software from The Pirate Bay.

6. Create (and Market) Playlists That Are Optimized

Playlists are a popular method to gain more Views (and subscribers).


Playlists can greatly boost your “Session Time.” Session Time refers to the amount of time a person spends on YouTube when they first start viewing your content.

It is also an indicator of rank that YouTube is very concerned about. Let’s look at an example. Someone is watching a video on your channel. After they’re finished, the browser is closed.

7. Make Sure Your Titles Are Short but Engaging

Alongside your thumbnail, The title of your video is the second most crucial element determining your CTR. In other words, If someone doesn’t find your title appealing enough, they will not be able to click on your video.

The ideal title for your video must be your first choice to choose following your research on keywords since this is the basis for the content of your video.

8. Use Video Chapters

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YouTube video chapters let you organize your video into chapters or sections. They are displayed on the screen. It also allows users to navigate longer videos; they can move around, skip or divide a specific section.

Video chapters are a fantastic way to boost the retention of audience members. Some audiences go back to important sections or skip to interesting sections instead of fading out, consequently affecting your retention of audience members.

9. Include Videos in a Playlist

playlists are the most effective trick to improve the duration of your watch. They let you link related or complementary videos and place them in a playlist.

When someone begins watching a particular video from your list, the video will play the next video within the playlist, allowing the user to continue engaged on the platform and significantly affecting your watch time.

Are You Ready to Launch a YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel is simple, as I’ve shown you in this post. However, expanding your channel and getting leads by promoting your YouTube videos requires constant effort and patience. Make it an investment for the long term in your expert-led business.