How To Add Country Flag In Free Fire Profile? 100% Work

I love FreeFire so much if you also, love freefire then please do comment below, i know there are so many gamers out there but they don’t know that they can add country flag in free fire profile without any advance editing.

So don’t worry I’m here for you, and in this article, I’m going to teach you to step by step process of how you can add your country flag in free fire? and now you can play free fire proudly.

What we need to edit free fire flag?

Basically, we just edit the “signature” of FreeFire to change the country flag so that’s why we need some country flags codes, so i have some codes for you.

Free Fire Flag Codes – Bangladeshi Code Added

[088A29]█[ffffff]█[ff0000]█ Mexico
[ffff00]█[0000ff]█[ff0000]█ Colombia
[FF0000]█[FFFF00]█[FF0000]█ Spain
[00FFFF]█[FFFFFF]█[00FFFF]█ Argentina
[ff0000]■[ffff00]■[00ff00]■ Bolivia
[0000FF]█[FFFFFF]█[0000FF]█ Savior
[FF0000]█[FFFFFF]█[0000FF]█ Paraguay
[FF0000] denito █[ffffff]█[ff0000]█ Peru
[a9f5f2]█[ffffff]█[a9f5f2]█ Guatemala
[0000FF]█[FFFFFF]█[FF0000]█[FFFFFF]█[0000FF]█ Costa Rica
[0000FF]█[FFFFFF]█[FF0000]█ Chile
[0000FF]█[FFFFFF]█[0000FF]█ Nicaragua
[006a4e]▇[f42a41]▇[FFFFFF][006a4e]▇ Bangladesh
[cf0820]▇[f42a41]▇[ffffff][002680]▇ Johor

[000000]▇[FFB612]▇[007A4D][FFFFFF]▇ South Africa
[FFBE29]▇[8D153A]▇[8D153A][EB7400]▇ Sri Lanka

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Steps to Add Country Flag In Free Fire Profile

So to add those codes o your profile you need to do some simple steps so that you need to read those steps carefully to change your flag.

  1. Go to your Freefire Game.
  2. Now open your “Profile”.
  3. Now click on the “Edit” option.
  4. Then find this text on your “Edit” option “I Love Free Fire” and click on it.
  5. Now paste your country code on this place and “Save” it to add your flag on your free fire profile.

Wrapping up

That’s set now you successfully added your country flag on your FreeFire profile now if you play the game then you will see your flag on there, so if you like to see this post then please leave a comment or do share it with your friends, that’s why they can also, do it to the profile.