Unlimited Free Fire Gun Skin, Emote For Free – Event For You

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Did you know about the latest free fire event?

If, No! then now freefire give you gun skin, emote for free, really, yeah! really, you can get them by participating there new “Light Up Bermuda” event.

Basically, this is a Diwali event and you need to play your free fire game for unlocking all the things, so if you don’t know how to play the Diwali event on free fire? or how the event works? then read this.

What is Diwali Event in Free Fire?

This is the latest event for free fire game users, where gamers need to complete a separate line for get some Gun Skin and Emote for free.

Unlimited Free Fire Gun Skin, Emote For Free

So as i told you, about the event and now how you can play the event for free to get those offers? so to do that you need to open your free fire game and then you will get a banner after opening and where you will see a Title called “Light Up Bermuda” and this is the event for all free fire lovers.

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Steps To Get Unlimited Free Fire Gun Skin, Emote For Free

Basically, you cant get unlimited gun skin and emote, because they will give you four-gun skin for free, and here is the list of free fire free gun skins:

  1. MP40 Gun Skin
  2. M4A1 Gun Skin
  3. Ak47 Gun Skin
  4. Scar Gun Skin

Also, they give you emote for free by complete their event challenges, so you will get 3 Emote for free, and then you need to choose anyone from the three emote.

At the last, you will get a bonus and the bonus is a “Magic Cube” so if you want to participate in the free fire-new event you need to do follow some steps below.

Unlimited Free Fire Gun Skin Emote
Free Fire Gun Skin, Emote
  • First, open your free fire game.
  • Then you will see a banner called “Light Up Bermuda” so click on the banner.
  • Then you will see a challenge page on there and on the page you will see on the left side where a pipeline still on here.
  • So this is the challenge line you need to play the game on there and then you need to complete the pipeline for getting unlimited Free Fire Gun Skin, Emote for free.

Bottom Line

So this is for today gues, i know this is really helpful for every newbie free fire players, so if you found anything helpful from this article then please leave a comment below and also, if you have any question related to this then also, feel free and ask me in the same comment section.

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