Archero Best Weapon, Armor, Lists For Archero Lovers

We know that archero is the best android habby, action game and if you’re an archero game fan then definitely you’re looking for the list of the best archero weapon lists or also, you’re looking for Armor, Rings, Pets Lists.

So here I’m going to give you the list of all of the weapons and etc, and also, i will give you pros and cons of those weapons, so first get the list of weapons list of the archero android game.

Archero Weapons List (Updated)

#1. Brightspear

-High damage
-Near instant travel time
-Very easy to use


-Slow attack animation
-Weak knockback

#2. Stalker Staff

-Attacks follow targets
-Very strong with diagonal arrows
-High damage with the right abilities
-Easy to use


-Projectiles are slow
-Very reliant on abilities
-May bog down older smartphones

#3. Death Scythe

-Highest damage
-Large projectile hitbox
-Big knockback


-Very slow attack speed
-Slow projectile speed

#4. Tornado

-Built-in pierce and bouncy effects
-Large projectile hitbox
-Great early weapon


-Weak against bosses
-Can be difficult to hit

#5. Saw Blade

-Fastest attack speed
-Great with headshot ability


-Low damage
-Small projectile hitbox
-Hard to stutter step

#6. Brave Bow

-Easy to stutter step
-Fast projectiles
-Synergizes with crit builds


-Outclassed by other weapons
-Small projectile hitbox

So this is the list of best and latest archero weapon lists now its time to show you the armor lists, so if you want to see the armor list of archero game then see the list below.

Best Archero Armor List Latest

#1. Vest of Dexterity

-7% dodge makes it the clear best choice -Lightning damage is a decent addition

#2. Golden Chestplate

-5% damage resistance moderately useful -Flame damage is a decent addition

#3. Phantom Cloak

-10% damage reduction but only for projectiles -Freeze only applies when hit

#4. Void Robe

-10% crash damage reduction is the least useful -Poison damage is a decent addition

There are so many archero equipments are on there game so if you want to get them then you need to level up and how you level up? you need to play the game daily and then you will get all the types of equipment one by one and that’s the main truth of archero game.

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So this is for today and if you need more tips or tricks related to Archero android game equipment? Let us know by commenting below that’s why we will give you more tips related to this game, and also, stay with us on our Latest Updates Category.