How To Block YouTube Ads By Adding One Symbol?

Nowadays YouTube is one of the best platforms to watch videos and songs, and already YouTube is getting 1.8 billion users every month on their platform, that’s why I’m saying youtube is best nowadays.

But YouTube ads so many times irritate us, basically, YouTube shows their ads very user-friendly that’s why this is not too much problem but many users now looking about stop YouTube ads, because they don’t love that, and that’s why I making this article for those peoples.

And this article I will show you a magic tutorial, yes! now you thinking what is the magic, basically, I will show you how you can easily block youtube ads by adding one symbol, Yes! just a symbol.

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The popular “android authority” website already shows about that, but I thinking many users don’t know about this and I decided to show you the step by step process, so let’s see the magic 🙂

Block YouTube Ads By Adding One Symbol

So if you want to block any types of youtube videos ads then you just need to follow some steps of me and then you can do it on your own, so just follow my all the steps below and do it by your self.

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  • First, open your youtube by using Chrome browser.
  • Then go to your videos.
  • Then open the video and then find the address bar and edit your opened video link and add a dot (.) on after the “.com” on your video and then just click on go.
  • Then just watch the video without any ads and enjoy.

If you’re watching any movies or any long videos on youtube then definitely you see there are many ads are come on your screen, this is the problem, that’s why you need to follow this tutorial to watch your youtube videos without any ads.

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