How to Stop Showing Likee Videos on IMO App?

Likee videos on IMO are very irritating to many people I mean many people don’t like to watch Likee videos on IMO. Again, many people like to watch Likee videos on IMO. But if you’re a Muslim, then, of course, you will not like this. Because a lot of times a lot of bad content comes in front of the eyes.

I’m not saying for everyone, for those who don’t want to see Likee videos on their notifications, there’s a simple way to turn it off. and in this article, I will show you how you can easily stop showing Likee videos on IMO app,

This article for those people who don’t like to watch Likee videos on their IMO, and those people who looking to stop those types of videos on their IMO application, i think if you read this article carefully then definitely you can stop it,

What is IMO?

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Basically, IMO is the most popular video calling app that is mainly used on smartphones. However, you can also use IMO on your computer. Why IMO is good for video calling because of that IMO is faster than many other calling apps, including Facebook Messenger.

What is Likee?

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Basically, if you want to know about the Likee app then I will tell you Likee is an app and this app is a popular global original video creation and sharing application. and also this is a world-leading special Effects Short Video Editing Tool for the content creator,

How to stop showing Likee videos on the IMO app?

  • First, open your IMO app.
  • There are three such lines in the picture above. Click on those three lines,
  • On the page that will open, click on Settings.
  • After clicking on settings, a page called IMO Account Settings will open. from there click on Functions option.
  • Then you just turn off the first option called Likee Videos, after that, your work is done now you can’t see the disturbing Likee videos on your IMO account,


I think you all understand how to turn off Likee videos on your IMO application, if you have any query or if you don’t understand how to do it then leave a comment and ask me the problem, definitely, I will solve your problems very soon, also if you don’t see my previous article then read my old articles by clicking on the home page,