Critical Questions to Ask When Evaluating a White Label SEO Provider

Going for white label SEO services means that you offer SEO services to your clients under your brand, but your white label SEO partner/reseller does all the fulfillment work. One of the primary reasons digital agencies opt for white label SEO services is to benefit from the services of experienced SEO experts without having to build an SEO infrastructure from scratch.

Also, it allows an agency to remain true to its core competency while providing quality SEO services to its clients. It can be a daunting task for a digital agency to identify an ideal white label SEO partner who will deliver quality services to their clients without compromising their reputation.

Here are some questions to evaluate a white label SEO reseller.

How Much Experience Do They Have

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Experience matters when it comes to SEO. Ideally, you want to partner with an SEO agency that has been around for a long time to gain all the experience needed in SEO fulfillment. It is essential to inquire about how experienced their SEO experts are.

As you may already know, your reputation as an SEO services provider depends on the ability of your white label SEO provider to deliver quality services. Keep in mind that there are so many pretenders masquerading as SEO experts on the internet, and you don’t want to fall in with one of them. So you need to do your research to find out how long an agency has been in the industry.

What Types of SEO Resources Do They Have

Consumer behavior on the internet is constantly changing. As such, digital marketing strategies, including SEO, are also continually evolving.

For instance, new digital marketing methods like mobile optimization, hiring a blogger outreach service, and social media marketing have become highly crucial for internet marketing in today’s digital age. When looking for SEO reseller services, you should be interested in the kind of SEO tools they use and how they adapt them as digital marketing strategies continue to evolve.

How Does the Company Respond to Google Updates


It is a crucial question because Google comes up with constant updates. You want to ensure that your white label SEO partner continually researches, tests, and runs beta programs to refine their SEO tactics.

Ideally, you want to partner with an SEO agency handling a diversified SEO platform so that when one SEO tactic stops working, they can quickly turn to another one. You get to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket by getting a diversified SEO plan.

Do They Provide an SEO Guarantee

When you ask these questions, you should expect an answer like SEO is a long-term thing, it is not something that happens quickly, so there is no way to guarantee SEO results. Therefore your intention behind asking this question should be to hear the answers and evaluate the SEO agency accordingly. If you get a response like ‘we can give you SEO results in 30-60 days,’ run away from that firm.

Beware of an SEO agency promising to get you rankings on something that doesn’t bring traffic to your client. SEO is all about helping a client rank higher in SERP. With Google algorithms changing now and then, there is no way to guarantee ranking or anything within a particular timeframe.

How Do They Measure SEO Progress and Results

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Since you are on the hook for your client, you want to know what is happening behind the scenes regarding deliverables and the results. Some white label SEO providers are really focused on reporting on the deliverables but not very keen on reporting the results of those deliverables in terms of performance, whether they are moving rankings and traffic or not.

In contrast, other SEO partners will report the rankings and not tell you what they are doing to achieve them. So you need to know how you and your client will track SEO progress and results.

How Will the Agency Communicate With Your Team

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You form a long-term relationship with the SEO agency in a white label SEO partnership. Therefore communication is critical, especially since you are not shopping once. Depending on your options, you may decide to use the direct contact with client method or the indirect communication with client method.

Most importantly, know how to communicate with your SEO partner to ensure your expectations are met. Direct communication with the client means that your white label SEO partner communicates with your client directly to cover their SEO needs. As such, you may need infrastructure like CRM, phone call routing, etc., to ensure communication efficiency. On the other hand, you can decide that the SEO partner will only communicate with your team, relaying the information to the client.

How Fast Can They Deliver Services

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Ideally, you want to work with an SEO firm with a fast turnaround. Keep in mind that your clients will not wait long for the services to be delivered. Again, if you cannot deliver projects on time, you risk your company’s reputation, and you may lose prospective clients.

Therefore, you need to determine how long the white label SEO company takes to deliver a project or get any work done. If you provide services to your clients, they will trust you, which means more business for you and your white label SEO partner. It also creates a good brand reputation, making you stand out among your competitors.

Do They Have a Scalable SEO Reseller Program

Partnering with a white label SEO reseller is only the beginning of a long business growth journey. When you deliver excellent results, you will likely get more clients needing SEO services. The white label SEO services reseller should have the infrastructure to accommodate the growth of your business.

Parting Words

When it comes to a white label SEO partnership, your success is closely linked with the quality of services your SEO partner can deliver. As such, you must carefully evaluate an SEO service provider to ensure you partner with the best.