How To Crop a Video in KineMaster Step by Step Android?

Hello, I am Olidur Rahman and Welcome to my latest post and I’m going to share all the techniques of Kinemaster with daily posting so that today I’m going to show you how you can easily crop a video in kinemaster without any problem with your android mobile.

I know this is an easy way, but sometimes beginners don’t know how to crop a video so let’s go back to the main topic and learn how to do it, before the start: if you confused about which video editor you use for your editing then read this post: Kinemaster VS VivaVideo Which Is Better?

Steps to Crop a Video in KineMaster Android

  1. First, you need to start a new project with a 16:9 aspect ratio.
  2. Note: Most beginners make this mistake that they tap on media and import the video they want to crop, so don’t do that.
  3. Tap on media and import a photo from your gallery, don’t worry just use any picture from your phone its not matter a lot but we need a photo.
  4. Now After importing your photo you can change its duration according to your video length.
  5. Now tap anywhere on-screen to view all main features e.g Media and Layer
  6. Now this time, You need to tap on Layer and You can see the Media option at the top so tap and select the Media and Import the video that you want to Crop.
  7. Once I have imported video as a Media layer, I am going to select and trim it.
  8. After selecting the video, I am going to tap on the Cutter icon and select trim right of played to delete unnecessary parts of the video.
  9. Now I can select and resize (zoom in & zoom out) this video easily with our finger by selecting the video.
  10. Now select your video and scroll down the right-hand side menu you can see the Cropping tool but earlier it was not available when we imported video by directly tapping on Media now it appearing on us, so click on it and start cropping the video.
  11. Now you see, you can easily crop your video, so once you are done Cropping, You can easily change the video position.
  12. So after done Cropping, I can start editing the video I can add more features such as photos, text, effects, etc to our video.

Save Your Croped Video on Gallery Kinemaster

  • To export your video, Tap on this Share icon.
  • Now choose the best settings (Screen Resolution, Frame rate, etc) for your video and click the export button.
  • Now, wait until video saving progress complete.
Video for More Explanations

Bottom Line

This is how you can easily crop a video in kinemaster and I hope, Now it won’t be difficult for you to crop videos with Kinemaster, if you don’t have question-related to this topic then Thanks for reading this article and please ask me in the comment section if you have any questions.