Kinemaster VS VivaVideo Which Is Better According To Features?

Kinemaster and the VivaVideo are two different video editor for android and now dayes almost every YouTuber and Video editors using those two apps for there video editing, and they are using those apps so very much because of there features.

But so many android video editors are confused of a topic called “Kinemaster VS VivaVideo Which Is Better?” and that’s why they stuck on this topic and they don’t know which better for video editing because they don’t have so much RAM and Storage on their phone to use two applications.

So don’t worry if you’re looking for this topic then stay with this article because here I’m going to tell you all the things that Kinematser has but VivaVideo don’t have, and that’s why you will know which is better for you and then you can start editing videos easily.

So lets start with the Kinemaster and when we will compleate all the features then we just give you a solution of which editor we need to pick from here so lets start with the first one.

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Kinemaster Features

Kinemaster is so popular and comprehensive video editor for android and IOS, this application has so many features and tools and if we start talking of those tools then we need to spend lots of time and that’s why we just give the tools and features list on this article and that’s why you will get an idea of Kinemaster video editor.

Speed Control: Using the speed control feature you can easily speed up of your any video, and nowadays this is a popular feature for Facebook and free fire users.  
Real-Time Recording: If you’re a YouTuber then this is the best feature for you because you can record your video audio with real-time tracing and this is best for me also,  
Effects, Themes, Music: If you need to add any Effects, Themes, Music on your particular video then don’t worry you don’t need to do Google for this because Kinemaster has there own store with lots of Effects, Themes, Music and etc.  
Transition Effects: Using this feature you can add any video easily and also, you can add effect with this video between and that’s why its looks like a cool and professional video.  
Overlays: This feature something looks like effect, but the work of these two is totally different, you need to download more-overlay from kinemaster store for using advanced overlay features.  
Text: This is one of the best and almost everyone needs to use them because this is a text feature and you need to use them on your all the work like if you’re making a thumbnail then definitely you need to use them, also, you will get 38 free awesome fronts.  
Social Media Integrations: If you’re a YouTuber or any other social media influencer then this is a very helpful feature for you, using this feature you can automatically share your videos on your any social media handle.  
Media: If you’re using kinemaster then media is one of the best for you and using this you can easily add your any video from the gallery and this feature is just for this, and this is work so first on any mobile.  
Kinemaster Video Editor Has So Many Feature, You Can Get Them By Using This

Pricing Plans of Kinemaster

MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION You need to pay $4.99 for monthly subscribtion 🙂
ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION For the annual subscription, you need to pay $39.99.
Pricing Plans of Kinemaster

VivaVideo Editor Features

Were already complete about kinemaster all the features and pricing now its time to see the VivaVideo editor, and now i will give you some features list of vivavideo and then you just need to check them and then you just compare your self and decide which is better for you, so let’s start with VivaVideo now…

Blur Video: This is an amazing tool provides from Vivavideo app and this tool will help us to make our video blur like DSLR and using this feature you can make your Instagram, twitter photo more amazing and beautiful like DSLR camera.  
Video Cutter and Editor: Video cutter means you can easily cut any video left or right whatever you can, and using this you can easily cut off your bad part of your videos and that’s why this is the best tool for vivavideo editor.  
Add Music to Video: Adding music on any video means if you want to add any types of songs mp3 on your video background then you can do it by using the feature.  
Save Video & Share: also, you can save your video with so many types as you can save 720p, Full HD 1080p, and 4K videos FREE, and also, you can make your TikTok videos easily.  
VivaVideo Editor Has There More Features You Can Get It By Using It

So those are some popular features of VivaVideo editor and this app has there more features but those are not so much important for us that’s why i don’t think to add those features on my article, and now its time to see which video editor is better according to me and there features?

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Which Is Better KineMaster VS VivaVideo?

If i told you to tell me which is best for you then what you say? tell me in the comment section!

But also, i need to give you an opinion related to this, basically, i think Kinemaster is best for you! but why? and seeing what I said it?

Basically, if you look there features we see the kinemaster has lots of features and this is one reason why kinemaster is best and now if we talk about features then i see the KineMaster has important features according to VivaVideo, and almost every features are useful for us, but VivaVideo just have there video blur feature,, and this is really awesome but it is very limited, so my opinion is Kinemaster is best.

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So now i think you almost know which is the better video editor? and which one is now you need to use for your work, you can select the apps as you wish or also, you can use both on your mobile phone.

I have just tried to show you the features of these two apps, and I think if you have a good phone, then use both of video editor and if you have any low configuration phone then you just Kinemaster.

So now its time to leave and if you have query related to this topic then please do comment and tell me the query, that’s why i just give you the solution of any query related to this topic, also stay with us on our Best Android AppsCategory to get latest apps related articles.