How To Enable Chrome’s Copyless Paste Feature?

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Google Chrome announced their latest feature called “Chrome’s Copyless Paste” feature for all chrome users, means now if you search any term on google chrome then if you open any other google program and if you want to search anything on other google programs then you will see your paste search term will be there as a history.

Example: If i open chrome and search for How to add colorful status on Whatsapp and if we search for it, and then again if we open any other google application and search for anything then it will suggest you to search your paste term and this is exactly what is the chrome copyless paste feature?

Steps To Enable Copyless Paste Feature On Chrome Browser

So i know this is realy very helpful for those users who likes to use googles applications, i know that also, almost every android and windows users like to use googles products for security or so many resion, so if you want to enable or use the copyless paste feature on chrome browser then follow some steps below.

  1. First, Open Chrome Browser from your phone or windows PC.
  2. Then just type in your address bar “Chrome://flags” or click on it.
  3. Now it will open a chrome secret page and where you will see the “Chrome Copyless Paste Feature” on the top three number position and if you open this first time then it will show you “Disabled”.
  4. So just click the “Disable” button and change it to “Enable” and thas set.
  5. Now you will see the “Relaunch Now” button appear on you so just click on it and congratulation now you’re using the copy less paste feature on your chrome.

Bottom Line

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So if you like or if you found anything helpful from this article then please do share or comment below, and also, if you found anything wrong or getting problem during those steps then comment below the same comment box, that’s why i will give you the guide to enable copyless paste feature on chrome android or windows.