How To Find Who Connected To Your Hotspot on Android?

Basically in those days online games are everywhere and every people are like to play those online games, and there are so many android games available on the internet world but some games are online,

You need to keep turn on your Wi-fi or mobile data that’s why many people start using your WiFi without saying anything and this is the big problem when you got so much low internet speed and you got stuck from your game,

Don’t worry in this how to category I will show you how to find who connected to your Hotspot on android? I think this will help you to find those people who secretly using your wifi or hotspot,

There are so many methods has on an android phone to find who is using your Hotspot, but in this particular article I will show you two methods to find this because you do not need to use so many methods you can do it by using any one method,

Find Hotspot Users By Notification Bar

You know every android phone has a notification bar, which helps to find so many shortcut settings of our android mobile, and using this notification bar we will find all your hotspot users, but how? Let’s see the method 🙂

Before we start our step by step guide lets please check our previous article:

  • First, open your notification bar from your android using your finger by scrolling down!
  • Then you find your Hotspot activate message on the top any position,
  • Then click the massage,
  • You will see an option called “Device Lists” and where you find your all connected devices,

Find Android Hotspot Users By Using Settings Option

Yes! you can find all your enemy and bed friends who are using your hotspot data without talking to you, but how? don’t worry I will show you the step by step method to find who is using your wifi hotspot by settings option!

  • Go to your android “Settings”
  • Then find the “Wireless & Networks” option from Settings,
  • After clicking the “Wireless & Networks” option you see an option called “More” tap on it,
  • Then find the “Tethering % portable hotspot” and click on it,
  • Then click the “Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot”

And that the place where you will find your all the connected android or any devices trough the hotspot and you can now review you all connected hotspot devices also you can disconnect them from this place,


So i think now you can do this by your phone because im in this article showed you two simple methods to find who connected to your Hotspot on android? and you can do it now by your self,

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