How to Install Prisma Photo Editing App in Android? and How To Use It?

Prisma Photo Editing app is just for iPhone users but recently this app launched for Android users, and this app is really amazing for photo editors and social media users, those peoples who are using Facebook, basically this app is really good for those people.

When this app is launched for iPhone users then it was seen that the popularity of this app is increasing then Prisma application launched for android users also, and if you open and use this app then you will find lots of amazing effects and features that’s why users really like this photo editor application.

This photo editing application is easy to use and features of this app are really amazing and eye-catchy, so many Instagram and Facebook celebrities also use the same application on their photos that’s why this app is really very useful and popular for every user.

And in this article, I will give you the complete step by step guide about how to download and install Prisma Photo Editing application on your android or tablet phone, so if you want to learn how to download and install this application on your android phone then stay with our article completely.

How To Download Prisma Photo Editing Application From Play Store?

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If you want to make your photo Prisma effect and if you want to make your photo effect cool and amazing then here I will show you how to download the Prisma app for your android using play store.

  • First, go to your Play Store.
  • Then search for “Prisma”.
  • Then find this app “Prisma Photo Editing” and open this app.
  • Then find the “Install” button on the app.
  • And then click on it and then click on “Yes”.
  • When you click on “Yes” you will see your app is started downloading on your phone.

You don’t need to install this application on your phone because this app automatically started installed because you’re using play store and play store will automatically install any application, now you need to know how to use the Prisma app?

How To Use The Prisma Photo Editor App For Android Users?

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You already downloaded this application on your mobile or tablet now you want to know how to use this application? and don’t worry I will show you how to use this app and how to make your first, Prisma effect photo for your android mobile or tablet phone.

  • So to do that you just “Open” your app.
  • Then you need to give permission to your camera and gallery for using this app, so you just click on the “Allow” button.
  • Then you will see your camera, you can use your instant photo by using the camera feature, so if you want to use your previous captured photo from the gallery then you need to check the right down corner here you will find the gallery option, so you just click on it.
  • After click on “Gallery,” you will find all the images from here, you just choose your photo and then click on it to edit your particular picture.
  • Then you see your picture will automatically be added on the Prisma editor bar, and now you can do your picture rotating or some other things but the main thing is you need to click on the “Next” button on the right side.
  • Then you will find all the effects on the below on your picture, you just choose your favorite effect and click on the perfect effect from below and see is your picture looking good or not?
  • Then also, if you want to make your photo more effective then you can slide your finger right or left and set your effect quality and after all the editing complete.
  • You just click on “Download” Button, where you find the download button? you can get it by looking at the bottom of your picture, after click on it you just save your photo on the gallery.

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So that’s all set, now you created your own Prisma photo by using your own android or tablet mobile because if you want to make a Prisma photo by using a tablet then you can do the same thing.


Now you just go to your Prisma photo editing app and make amazing looking photos and post on your Instagram and get lots of engagement from your friends or families, if you have any question related to this post then please ask your questions by commenting below, definitely, I will give you guidance about your questions, also if you feel free then please do a share of this article on your social media friends, If you do, we will be inspired to come up with new articles so do share, and goodbye! take care!

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