How to Fix No Command Pip Found on Termux Android?

Pip: command not found is one of the most common for termux users and now days so many forums i found this query, so that’s the reason in this article i will give you the solution to fix no command pip found on termux with simple steps below.

Steps to Fix No Command Pip Found on Termux

First, you need to use a command on your termux so open your terminal and use this command to update all packages again.

pkg update

The use this command…

pkg upgrade

Now you need to install python to run pip successfully so to install python you can use this command below…

pkg install python

Now wait for install complete and then install python2 on your termux to fix this pip error so to install python2 just use this command…

pkg install python2

So again wait to install succesfully python2 and then just use another command…

pkg install python3

Now when you installed successfully python1, python2, and python3 now it’s time to use another command…

pkg install python3-pip

Now you see again a package will be installed on your android termux system and it will 100% install on your termux app easily without any problem.

pkg install python-pip

After this now your Pip: command not found error now fixed and now you can run pip easily on termux, so to check you can run your any pip packages from your system, and I’m sure 100% this error now not showing on your terminal.

Bottom line

Fix pip: command not found 100% real step by step guide and i think you now you understand how to fix no command pip found on Termux android? so if you also, have any query then please feel free and ask me in the comment section.