How To Install Metasploit in Termux Without Error?

So are using the Termux app on your android? if yes then leave a comment below and tell me which hacking tool you use to performing your attack?

Basically, i use the Metasploit package for my purposes and I’m comfortable with that and that’s why I’m going to give you step by step process of how you can install Metasploit in termux without error?

What is Metasploit?

Metasploit is a framework for hackers that will help hackers attack and defend, and this is the short introduction of this Metasploit tool.

The Metasploit framework will give you so many tools to perform any attack, and that’s why hackers use this tool so very much, and now I will show you the steps of installing Metasploit on termux.

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Steps To Install Metasploit in Termux Without Error

To install Metasploit on your termux android app, you need 1024 MB storage from your phone memory and you need to update your termux with the latest version.

Now you need to open your termux app on your phone then you need to update and upgrade your all termux packages and then you need to start your installing process.

pkg update
pkg upgrade
#Here are the all commands in one place, so just copy one by one and paste on your termux terminal:

pkg install python

pkg install python2

pkg install curl

pkg install wget

pkg install perl

pkg install ruby

pkg install php

When you complete all the commands and then you need to do another work, you need to carefully enter this command on your terminal to install the Metasploit framework on termux.

pkg install unstable-repo
pkg install metasploit

Now you will see it will loading framework on your terminal and now its time to wait until all the process complete, and time depended on your internet connection or your storage.

So after complete all the processes now you successfully installed Metasploit on your termux without facing any error, and now it’s time to see if it properly worked or not, so to that just type on your terminal.


Remember: spelling was metter for getting successful on termux operations, so check your spellings and then command.

Also, if i give any wrong spelling then comment to me i will fix my spelling very soon.

Thank You 🙂


After command “msfconsole” you see your Metasploit was loading to your termux terminal and after getting some time it will show you the main Metasploit page and now you can use your Metasploit framework on your termux without any problem.
This is the practical video if this article


Is PC safe after install Metasploit in Windows 10?

Yes, your PC is compleately safe if you download “Metasploit” from a secure source and it will be more secure if you install Metasploit on any virtual OS like “Kali”.

How much storage use metasploit to install successfully?

It takes 500MB to 1GB storage space to install.

Bottom Line

So, now i think you understand how to install and use Metasploit on termux? also, if you face any error with installing the Metasploit framework on android then ask me in the comment section, that’s why I will suggest what you need to do to fix your error.