How To Fix Wifi Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting Frequently Problem?

I see android 4.2.2 jellybean phone have the problem called “wifi keeps disconnecting and reconnecting frequently” and this is a very big problem for android jellybean users.

When you open any app that tries to access your phone mobile data, then you will see your internet connection keeps connecting and disconnecting automatically, and this is the main problem.

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So if you’re facing the same problem then keep reading this article I will show you some easy step by step process to fix this problem, so you just read this article carefully and implement it on your phone.

Fix Wifi Network Keeps Disconnecting & Reconnecting Frequently Problem

Sometime this problem will fix automatically by reconnecting your network, that’s why I will first, show you how to Reconnect to the Network again and try to fix this problem.

Try To Reconnect The Network Again

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  • To reconnect the network again you just open your phone “settings”.
  • Then you just select the “Network & Internet” option.
  • Then firs check your device is connected or not to the network and then click on the Wi-Fi option.
  • Then check here a gear icon and click on “Forgot” Button.

For doing this your wifi will automatically disconnect and deletes all the networks from your phone’s memory.

  • Now click on the “Saved networks” in the Wi-Fi Settings menu.
  • Then Select your network with the connection issue by simply clicking the name.
  • Then again click the Forget icon.

Now that’s all! you do that, now you just again scan your WiFi network and then put again the password and try to connect and check this technique working or not? if this method doesn’t work then don’t worry I have another method to fix this problem.

Try To Reset All Your Network Settings

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Yes! this is one of the best methods to fix this problem, if you remove your old networks settings and restore all settings then definitely this problem will be fixed completely, so let’s see how to do that.

  • First, Open your phone’s “Settings” option.
  • And then Scroll to the bottom and select System.
  • Then just click the Advanced drop-down option.
  • Then you just click Reset options.
  • Carefully click the “Reset Wi-Fi, mobile, & Bluetooth”.
  • After doing all the things just click the “Reset Settings” option at the bottom of the page.
  • After doing that, reconnect to your old Wi-Fi network.

Note this: To do this you will lose your all old network settings passwords and pired blututh devices.

Keep that mind

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After doing all the things you just reboot your phone and now this is the best time to reconnect your phone and check is this problem fixed or not? I think now this problem will be fixed because doing this method I also fixed my own!


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