How To Track Mobile Location Using Gmail Account

This is the time to use e-mail and yes! now days almost every peoples are using Gmail on their phone because they need it badly, if you are an Android phone user then must you need to use Gmail on your phone.

Because Android users need so many things like watching YouTube videos, playing games, and many things and if you want to need these types of things then definitely you need to use Gmail on your phone.

Did you know that? you can be tracked by your Gmail id, yes! this is possible, and now I’m in this particular article show you how to track mobile location using Gmail account, so if you need it then please read the full article completely,

How To Track Mobile Location Using Gmail Account

First of all, let me tell you that there are so many ways I have to know the location of any Gmail account. here is the there method to find your Gmail account:

  • Track the IP address
  • Search the e-mail ID
  • The help of Facebook.

To find out the e-mail IP address, you have to click the Time button on the right side of the Gmail that will come, and then you need to click on “Show Original”.

After clicking the “Show Orginal” now you will find a new tab will automatically open and from now on you will get the email sender IP address.

Then you can go to Wolfram Alpha or Whois and search for that IP address. After which the location with the name of the company can be known.

If you want to know the location using Gmail ID, you have to go to the “pipl” or “Spokeo” website. if you search the e-mail id here, the location is informed. Again, if you search the email ID in the search bar of Facebook, the information of the company comes up.

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So now you can find any Gmail account by using those methods, and I will tell you an important thing of this method is those are totally free and easy steps you can do it by your android phone also,

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