Six Free Reddit Tools That Help You Explore Reddit

All of the following tools that help you navigate through Reddit are entirely free yet offer many different features interesting to any application user.

Whether you want to find intriguing statistics of your profile or another user’s profile, explore Reddit with ease, save important posts and comments, or discover new subreddits, you should check these out.

1. RedditMetis


RedditMetis is a site that analyzes the Reddit activity of a chosen user and gives you other interesting statistics about their profile. You can get information about a user’s karma, activity patterns, and an activity heatmap in under a minute. This app is very similar to Upvote.Shop.

It also shows you which subreddits the user commented on most often (both by karma and the number of comments posted on them) and a word cloud made up of the most frequently used words. Additionally, you can see the Reddit profile’s word count, the number of unique words used, the average hours spent typing, and the average karma per comment.

As if that wasn’t enough, the site also deduces the profile’s attributes and possessions (such as your gender, your occupation, and more) using an A.I. to read the user’s comments and submissions. You can also check the readability of someone’s posts or comments calculated using the Gunning fog index.

2. Find on Reddit

Find on Reddit

With the Find on Reddit extension, you can discover Reddit submission threads of the URL you’re currently on with the help of Reddit’s public application programming interface. With a simple click of the extension button, you can put the search into place. Or, if you prefer, you can enable the auto-search feature, which instigates the search in your background.

There are two search options to pick, either fuzzy or precise. Furthermore, you can search it by its video ID and come across all other variations of the same YouTube link when you see a video. There’s also a filter available so that you can sort results by the number of comments, karma, subreddit, or age. Blacklisting sites from the auto search engine is also one of the features. Plus, to decrease network usage, cache the results for a customizable amount of time.

3. RedditXplorer


Another helpful tool to help you explore Reddit is the RedditXplorer extension. With the RedditXplorer, Reddit users can view external sites without leaving the Reddit application since all of the external sites you choose to visit will be loaded on your main page. Resizing the external site viewer is also an option to optimize it to your own will and comfort.

Another feature is that you can open external sites in a new tab. With this tool, you can automatically expand all images and points to a better view. It also adds a button for direct download for all external media it supports, as long as it’s downloadable. So, no more clicking each expand button individually to look at images, text posts, or gifs since this extension will automatically do those for you.

4. RedditSaved


RedditSaved was created to save, organize and enable the search of any link or discussion from Reddit you choose. This way, you won’t forget the critical posts you came across, and if you have a lot of saved posts or comments, you can’t search and filter through those, not to mention Reddit set the limit to 1000.

Moreover, RedditSaved gives you the option to group your saved items by giving them tags you could easily remember or perhaps particular tags to ensure you will undoubtedly find the exact item you’re looking for. The tool uses Reddit’s application programming interface to fetch your saved items, indexed into the search engine, allowing you to bypass Reddit’s limit of 1000.

5. Subredditstats


Subredditstats can be used to find numerous different subreddit ranking lists. With one mouse click on the subreddit’s name, you can see statistics and graphs of that subreddit. Clicking on the icon of the link next to the subreddit’s name sends you there directly.

The tool also offers network visualizations of relationships between subreddits, and you can use it to analyze users’ overlaps between various subreddits. Tracking the frequency of keywords in the comments is also one of the features. However, the site doesn’t guarantee the accuracy of its data as the data collector isn’t exactly powerful. The numbers should be taken with a grain of salt.

6. FindAReddit


FindAReddit enhances the users’ experience on Reddit as it opens up a whole new world for you to explore. It offers more than 10,000 subreddits, all tagged and placed into categories.

This way, you can easily find the subreddits suitable for you and your interests. You can discover new subreddits or find similar subreddits to those you’re already following. There’s always more content for you to come upon.


Navigating through Reddit, looking at exciting statistics, remembering important information, or maybe just saving a funny video you want to show to someone has never been easier. The simple solution is using one of these free tools to enhance your Reddit exploration.