Free Streaming Services in India 2021

Do you treat watching movies as a full-time job like I do? There is not a single day in which I don’t watch at least two to three films. And thankfully, I do that for free. Because at my pace, I would have gone bankrupt paying for premium subscriptions.

As an expert in the field, I know all about free streaming services from different parts of the world. I know all the secrets, risks, and loopholes of these websites, and I am about to share that with you today. My focus here is on free streaming services in India.

There are many good free streaming services in India, including platforms like SD Movies and Jio Rockers Tamil. Both websites have a vast extensive library of old and new local and international films and TV shows.

SD Movies

Jio Rockers Tamil is one of the best free streaming services you could use. Not only will you find every movie you can ever think of, but also, whenever a new episode of any TV show drops, Jio Rockers Tamil will post it for free within the same hour of its release.

Now comes the question, are these illegal websites safe? No, they are not. However, this never stopped me from using them, as I know all the hacks to turn them into safe ones. There are two things you need to worry about when it comes to streaming illegal content; your safety and the safety of your device. There are a few steps of precaution you need to follow to ensure this safety.

Install an Antivirus

Illegal streaming websites are usually overloaded with malware and viruses. Do you know how when you press on a video, you receive multiple pop-up ads? These ads, most of the time, have malware embedded in them.

To block such ads and ensure no viruses reach your device, you need to use a strong antivirus with an invincible firewall to intercept any potential attack.

Use a VPN


This point concerns your safety. Streaming movies from illegal platforms means you, too, are doing an illegal activity. If a copyright owner decides to sue the streaming service and its users, you could end up paying thousands of dollars.

A VPN will mask your IP address and give you a fake one so that no one can find you or know that you are streaming illegally. One more thing you would need a VPN for is to stream from anywhere in the world by getting an Indian IP address. Many VPN services offer Indian servers.

Laptop Cleaners

Such websites always download unnecessary extensions and programs without asking for your permission. These programs are called bloatware. Bloatware slows down your laptop’s performance and makes using it a frustrating experience.

A laptop cleaner like Avast Cleanup Premium is what you need; it will clean your laptop from any unwanted programs slowing down its system while keeping it up to date.

Avast Cleanup Premium

To conclude it all, you don’t need to miss out on the fun of watching movies for free. What you truly need is to protect yourself while having that fun.