How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting for Your E-Store: the Factors You Need to Look for

Once you get the idea and start working on it, you want to know that everyone will know about that great idea. No matter what your product is, it must be online and available for purchase. When an e-store is ready to go worldwide, you will need a hosting service to make your site or application accessible for visitors on the internet.

WordPress is free to use for anyone, making it a trendy option. It provides many opportunities, such as thousands of personalized WordPress plugins reachable from WordPress and third-party developers.

Hence, considering the number of possibilities, it is crucial to know which element to pay attention to. Let’s explore it together.

Cost: Cheaper Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Better


Starting a business means you are limited by a budget and probably looking to cut costs, yet hosting will probably be a high cost. If your plan is long-term, do not save when choosing the hosting service for an e-store.

Although the WordPress software is free to download, free WordPress hosting is not recommended. It is vital to have a secure and reputable site and pay more. So, to host your WordPress site with a trusted and respectable company that includes customer support, be prepared to pay from $5 to $15 a month. Although if you choose Verpex you can get a discount offer for the first month.

Storage: What Is Enough

To launch a WordPress site means to have a hosting plan. In this case, that plan has to support the basic features, including disk space and bandwidth. The storage is not just for WordPress files, but also must have space for host files, images, content, e-mails, and backups in general.

The thing with the required space for an e-store site is to plan carefully which elements have to be supported. The more elements such as images, videos, scripts you want to publish, the more storage you need. Considering everything mentioned, if you plan small, be careful not to find a large amount of storage useless by the end of the month.

Scalability: Watch It Grow

It doesn’t matter what the product is; owners of different stores have one thing in common – wish to watch their business grow.  Of course, scalability is vital because when the time comes for your e-store to be flooded with customers, you’d want to be sure that it won’t crash.

The WordPress host service can support all websites, from small to large businesses with millions of visitors with the proper infrastructure. Hence, if you are a beginner launching the first site, you won’t need high scalability at the start, but ensure the plan for the future and try to predict how much your business will grow.

Data Center Location: the Factor to Think About

Network points

Companies that set up data centers close to the office are behind us. When deciding which location is the most suitable, it is crucial to consider different factors such as disaster avoidance, network carrier availability, and availability of power.

Besides, location depends on your site’s target users. For example, users from a particular geographic area should be connected to the data center in that specific region. By choosing the correct location of the data center, you will decrease the chance of potential crisis in the future.

Speed It Up


Life in a digital era forces owners of the stores to be just ‘one-click away from the customers, and if it is possible, that click should be the fastest. Today everything is measured by speed, especially the internet. When it comes to the website, speed is measured in seconds and hundreds. Apart from the fact that site speed is a critical factor for your customers, it also influences the site’s Google ranking factor.

Easy access to many online tools help you to optimize the site’s speed. Different hosting services provide different speeds, and many have room for improvement with numerous online tools. However, keep this in mind when you choose the host service first: better to be faster for customers than fast in choosing a hosting.

Final Thoughts

Besides the elements mentioned above, there are a few types of hosting services: free, Shared, Virtual Private Server (VPS), Dedicated and Managed type. When choosing a WordPress host, consider the advantages and disadvantages of every type in particular.

To conclude, cost, scalability, speed, storage, and data center location are essential, but many more factors make WordPress hosting the right one. Nevertheless, the needs of your e-store are the road signs that will lead to a customized store that fits your customers.