How To Install Packages On Termux Android Practical?

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Before in this post, we discussed how we can install termux on pc? and now we need to learn about some important package of termux that we need to install first.

Because we need to install packages on termux when we install termux apk on our android or any other operating system, that’s why we can use termux so very much.

What is Termux App for Android? and Why Hackers Use This for Hacking?

Basically in a short description, termux is a Linux-based android terminal, where you need to install packages for your hacking purposes, and then you can simply do this by using some important and unique commands.

So for mobile hackers, this is the best tool for using and perform their ethical hacking practices and that’s why mobile and some new pc hackers are using this tool for their practicing purposes.

Termux app has there so many tools that you can simply install and use from this app, and that’s why we’re in this article were going to install packages on Termux, so just see and implement them on your terminal.

Steps To Install Packages On Termux

First, you need to download Termux from the play store or you can download it on the download button, so if you don’t have termux apk then here is the button, click and install it on your device.

Now it’s time to install some important packages of termux and then we can start hacking with that, so just read them carefully and also, you can copy them and paste them on your any notepad or anything.

pkg update
#Update your whole termux packages (Dont copy the # tagged line)
pkg upgrade
#Now upgrade them
pkg install python
#Now install python
pkg install python2

pkg install python2: This is another version of python and definitely, you need to install it on your first termux.

pkg install python3

pkg install python3: This is the python version 3 you should need to install it.

pkg install python-pip
pkg install git
pkg install wget
pkg uninstall pkg-name

pkg uninstall pkg-name: So using this command if you want to remove or uninstall any packages from termux package list then you can do it, and then using the “pkg list-all” command you can see if it is uninstalled or not?

pkg list-all

So here you see all the codes and packages for you and now you can use them one by one to set up your new termux terminal, so just copy codes from here, and remember don’t copy #____ text, because those are for guide you, just copy the codes.

Bottom Line

Every new termux users when they install and open their terminal they show there terminal not working the first time, because they don’t set up their terminal, and those are some packages for termux users to set up a new termux on their android or pc, also, if you have any question related to installing and setup your termux then ask me in the comment below.