How To Fix Unable To Locate Package in Termux App?

Are you using termux app on your android?

If, yes, then i think you’re stuck with this error called “Unable To Locate Package” if you trouble with that then here I have a 99% working solution for you.

Yeah, if you’re using termux or if you’re thinking to install packages on your termux terminal or getting this error then definitely you should follow my steps to fix unable to locate package in termux easily with some simple commands.

So to fix this error we need to set up our storage first, and then we can fix this error, so let’s jump into our main topic and setup our termux storage location and fix the error.

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Steps To Fix Unable To Locate Package in Termux App Android or Pc

First open your terminal and place thise codes:

apt update

Now you ned to do Upgrade your terminal after updating:

apt upgrade

Now its time to place the command to setup your internal storage for package location:


Now you will get a popup message to “allow or deny” so just click on the “Allow” button to get access to your internal storage.

Now when you click on “Allow” then its time to check is it worked or not? so to check this just write another command called.


Then you need to place another command:

cd storage

Now this is the last command to check all folders of your storage to final checking:


That’s set, if you see your internal storage folders are over here then you’re completely set up your location to your internal storage, and now it’s time to install your package to see if the “unable to locate package” error has or not?

I’m dammed sure that, if you successfully follow all the commands then you will didn’t get any error on your terminal, and now you can install anything on your termux app.

Bottom Line

So, it’s time to leave, because i will complete practically showed you the exact way of how to fix unable to locate package error of termux app? and now it’s your turn to follow my all commands and fix your issue.

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