An Introduction to JavaScript Grid Libraries

An integral part of app development is data handling, rendering, and manipulation. Javascript grid libraries provide out-of-the-box solutions for all types of functions related to data.

Developers can use them for implementing various operations on data such as fetching records, sorting, searching, sorting, scrolling, displaying different views, and more.

You have come to the right place if you are into Javascript app development and looking to enhance your users’ experience by building stunning apps with massive data handling capabilities.

The Sencha Ext JS is a complete framework that supports a data grid for faster and more efficient data processing. Continue reading for an introduction to Javascript grid libraries.

Which Is the Best Tool for Developers to Build a JS Grid

Sencha’s Ext JS is the best Javascript framework that supports a JS grid. With Ext JS, you can build web apps for modern devices, including tablets and mobile phones. The Ext JS framework has a robust JS grid and supports efficient data processing.

Instead of spending hours on coding to display and handle all your data using HTML tables, the Ext JS grid automates all your data manipulation functions.

It has built-in routines for all types of data related operations that you can quickly add to your app. Using a specialized grid library for data management and display instead of HTML offers three main advantages:

  1. The Ext JS grid library has been thoroughly tested, and hence it is robust and reliable.
  2. The Ext JS grid library with out-of-the-box functionality is very easy and quick to integrate into your app.
  3. The Ext JS grid library is blazing fast. It is optimized for speed, so your web page does not slow down, even for extensive datasets with millions of records.

Which Operations on Data Are Supported by Ext JS Data Grid

The Ext JS grid supports various functions that include:

  • Basic data operations such as fetching, sorting, searching, grouping, filtering
  • Row-wise data operations such as drag-and-drop, copy-paste, expand, select, reorder
  • Column-wise operations that include select, group, sort, filter, and copy-paste
  • Advanced data handling functions that include paging, infinite scrolling, live data rendering
  • And more!

What Is Pivot Grid

The pivot grid component allows you to add powerful data analytics to your app. You can generate summarized data views to gain critical insights and learn about the trends depicted by data.

The pivot grid includes essential functions such as aggregation, filtering, multiple grand totals, range grouping, etc. You can also add drill-downs to individual cells, which can display more data details in the same window or render a data grid in a new window.

How Does the Performance of Ext JS Grid Compare With Other Javascript Grid Libraries

The Ext JS grid outperforms all the other grid vendors based on key performance metrics. These metrics include initial load time, filtering speed, and scrolling speed.

Experiments have proven that the Ext JS grid is 300x faster than the other grids in the market. It can handle massive volumes of data of 1000,000+ records, and the scrolling speed in most cases is under a second.

Can I Import and Export Data Using Javascript Grid Libraries

Ext JS allows you to import and export data in different formats. You can export data as a .tsv, .csv file. Exporting the data as an HTML file or in the excel .xml/.xlsx format is also possible.

Can the Grid Layout be Customized Using Ext JS Grid

Sencha Themer allows you to customize the grid layout and style the rows and columns of your grid. You can create stunning, professional-looking apps using built-in themes provided by Ext JS.

It is also possible to build your custom themes and styles using a super-easy graphical interface without writing a single line of code.

What is Widget Grid

The widget grid is another component that allows you to integrate widgets and other user interface components within the grid. To create effective and meaningful data grids, you can add chart widgets, buttons, sliders, and more to the widget grid.

How Do I Get Started With Javascript Grid Libraries

The Sencha Ext JS grid enables you to develop powerful apps capable of handling millions of data records.

With incredibly fast speed for loading, scrolling, rendering, and other data operations, the Ext JS grid also comes with beautiful styling and design options empowering you to develop stunning apps.

Why wait? Start exploring the Ext JS grid features today and get started with a free trial