Is There a Way to Sort Inventory BG3?

Baldur’s Gate 3, the highly anticipated role-playing video game set in the Dungeons & Dragons universe, invites players to embark on a grand adventure filled with peril, magic, and countless items to collect. However, the sheer volume of items that can accumulate in your inventory might leave you yearning for an organized and efficient system. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the current state of inventory management in Baldur’s Gate 3 and discuss possible ways to sort your inventory for a smoother gameplay experience.

Understanding the Inventory System

Understanding the Inventory System

As of the current state of Baldur’s Gate 3, the game is in early access, and certain features, including a robust inventory management system, are still under development. The game’s inventory interface provides basic functionalities for managing items, but a comprehensive sorting system similar to what you might find in other RPGs is not yet fully implemented.

Tips for Inventory Management

While a dedicated sorting system may be in the works for future updates, players can employ several strategies to effectively manage their inventory in the current version of Baldur’s Gate 3:

1. Manual Sorting

   Take the time to manually organize your inventory by dragging and dropping items into desired slots. Group similar items together, such as potions, scrolls, or weapons, to quickly locate them when needed.

2. Assigning Hotkeys

   Utilize the hotkey system to assign specific slots for frequently used items. This can be especially handy for consumables like healing potions or scrolls, allowing for quick access during combat.

3. Container Usage

   Use containers, such as backpacks or pouches, to compartmentalize your inventory. Assign specific containers for different types of items to create a semblance of order within your backpack.

4. Sell or Discard Unnecessary Items

   Regularly visit merchants to sell or discard items that are no longer needed. This helps reduce clutter in your inventory, making it easier to manage and find essential items.

5. Prioritize Equipped Items

   Keep your equipped items at the top of your inventory for easy access. This ensures that your weapons, armor, and accessories are readily available during combat situations.

Potential Features for Future Sorting

Potential Features for Future Sorting

As the game continues to undergo updates and improvements, players can anticipate the introduction of more robust inventory sorting features. Some potential features that may be implemented in future releases include:

1. Auto-Sorting Options

   An automatic sorting option that arranges items based on type, rarity, or alphabetical order would greatly enhance inventory management. Players could activate this feature with a single click, streamlining the organization process.

2. Filtering Options

   The ability to filter items based on categories like weapons, armor, consumables, and quest items would make it easier for players to locate specific items quickly.

3. Customizable Sorting Rules

   Allowing players to define their own sorting rules and preferences, such as sorting items by value, weight, or usability, would provide a highly customizable inventory management experience.

4. Search Functionality

   A search bar within the inventory interface would enable players to find specific items by typing keywords, eliminating the need to manually scroll through the entire inventory.

Community Feedback and Suggestions

The development team behind Baldur’s Gate 3 is known for actively engaging with the player community and taking their feedback into account when making updates. As players continue to explore the game and provide feedback, the development team will likely consider the community’s suggestions for improving inventory management. Collaborative efforts between players and developers often result in more refined and player-friendly features. Keeping an eye on official forums, social media channels, and patch notes will offer insights into the ongoing development of Baldur’s Gate 3 and any forthcoming enhancements to the inventory system. Players can contribute to the game’s evolution by sharing their experiences and constructive suggestions, helping shape the future of inventory management in this exciting Dungeons & Dragons adventure.


Baldur’s Gate 3, still in its early access phase, promises an expansive and immersive gaming experience that will continue to evolve with future updates. While a comprehensive sorting system is not fully implemented at the moment, players can employ manual organization strategies to keep their inventory in check.

As the development of Baldur’s Gate 3 progresses, it’s reasonable to expect enhancements to the inventory management system. Features like auto-sorting options, customizable rules, and search functionality would not only make inventory management more efficient but also contribute to a more polished and enjoyable gameplay experience. Keep an eye on official updates and patch notes for news on upcoming features and improvements to inventory management in Baldur’s Gate 3.