How To Install Jio Live TV For Windows 10 (64 Bit)

We love entertainment and Tv is one of the best platform where we found latest News, Movies, Entertainment, Songs and many more and that’s why almost every people watch Tv.

In India, we know Jio is one of the best and popular company that the company provides us telecommunications and basically this is a SIM company in India.

We know this is a big company in India and according to Wikipedia April 2020, the Reliance Industries has raised ₹152,056 crores i mean in United States Doller $21 billion and this is insane.

And Jio Tv Live will provide you the best performance to watch the latest News, Movies, Entertainment, Songs and many more on their app with 626 live channels and you don’t need to use the TV.

So if youre looking and searching for how to install and Jio Live Tv on Windows 10 then here is the best guide about this topic because in this article i will give you some easy methods of this topic.

So stop looking and searching about this topic and stay with my this article 🙂

What is Jio Live TV?

If you don’t know what is JioTv or Jio live Tv then here is the simple word for you, basically, JioTV is an application for iOS and Android devices (smartphones and tablets) and this app will give you the opportunity to Jio customers to watch their favorite TV channels & programs on smart devices and tablets.

Now at this time, this is one of the best and most popular multimedia applications for Jio SIM users in India, now every Indian smartphone user using the JioTV app on their phone.

Jio Live Tv App Online Live Tv Channels Overview

If you want to more informations about Jio Live Tv then read the article completely here i will give you the brief informations about the Jio Live Tv and also, I will give you the step by step process of how to install Jio Live TV for Windows 10 64 bit with a simple way so stay with us.

The Jio TV is clearly one of the best and unique platform shows you over 626 live channels with those languages like Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, and Urdu.

Also, JioTv has some most unique and important features like pause & play live TV channels, reminder service, and many more and those features will make me happy to use this app.

Also, if you love to watch news channels on Tv then this is the best for you because the JioTv app has over 197 news channels on their platform, and i think 123 entertainment channels also, on there.

Also, this is best for cricket lovers because this app has there stream system for all India cricket matches including T20, ODI and test series so this is the best for all the Indian users.

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Now JioTv app has there own website for give service to there customers and this website will helps so many operating systems to watch Tv on any platform using just there website.

So this is some overview of this Jio Live Tv and i think now you understand why you use the JioTv on your Pc? so if you convince to use JioTv then don’t worry here i will show you an easy way to install Jio Live TV for Windows 10 64 bit.

Requirements for Installing Jio Live TV For Windows 10 (64 Bit)

So we see so many overviews and features of Jio Live Tv now its time to install this on our windows 10 but we know this is not launched for windows and PC users and also, this is not launched for laptop users also, so now what we can do for this and how windows users use the Jio Tv?

We can install and use JioTv on our windows 10 but we need to download and install some applications on our windows 10 Pc then we can use this live Tv, so we know Bluestacks, NoxPlayer is one of the best emulators for our PC or Laptops and were using those applications over many years.

We just need to install any of them on our Pc then we can available for using JioTv on your Pc so first go to Bluestacks or NoxPlayer website and download them easily from there official website and install any of them on your Windows 10.

When you complete download any of player now you’re available to use the Jio Live Tv on your windows 10, just you need to follow my some instruction below that ill give you and just implement those carefully on your Pc.

Details of Jio Tv Apk For Your Emulator

We know every android apps has there own apk informations and users can see those information on Google Play Store and so many placess but almost every users when they want to install any application on there phone they just look on Play Store and thats why i give you some information about the Jio live Tv app for android, and this will work for you when you start installing this on your Pc.

App Name Jio TV Apk
Developer Reliance Corporate Lt.
Version 5.9.4
Android Minimum System Requirements If your android has 4.1 or higher then you can use this easily.
Apk size 11.23MB
Details of Jio Tv Apk For Your Emulator

Jio Live TV For Windows 10 (64 Bit Installation Step By Step Process Bluestacks)

Jio Live TV For Windows

So now its time to use Jio Live Tv on our Pc, so if you want to do this you just carefully follow my all the instruction below and why I’m telling to see my steps carefully because if you don’t see those steps carefully then you cant do this and you will get so many problems with installation Jio Live Tv on your Windows 10 Pc.

  • Download and properly install Bluestacks on your Pc and then Open it easily by double-clicking.
  • Now you see you’re in your Emulator and now its time to add your Gmail account for access play store.
  • So just add your any Gmail address or password for access play store and when you will provides those informations it will give you access to use the Google Play Store on your emulator.
  • So just open the Play Store app from the Emulator apps and then open the play store search box and search for this app “Jio tv” and enter and wait for the result.
  • Now it will take some time to search the accurate result related to your search query and then you will see your Jio Tv Live will appear on your screen ass you seen on your android mobile.
  • Now its time to install the “Jio Live Tv” app on your Emulator, for this you just click on app icon and then click the “Install” button to install it, just like your phone.
  • Now when the downloading complete you just open the app by clicking on the “Open” button and then you see your JioTv app now installed on your Windows 10 Emulator and now you can use it just like you use it on your phone.
  • So when you open the app you see a forum for give your Gmail and passwords, just give your JioTv password on there and then click on “Sign in” and then just select the “Wide” button for watch Tv full screen and now that’s set, and see your Jio Live Tv app will be installed on your Windows 10 64 bit.

So if you have any 32 bit windows 10 Pc and if you want to install JioTv app on your Pc then just download the Bluestack by checking the 32 bit, and then use the same process to install JioTv app on your 32 bit windows 10 Pc.

How To Install JioTv On NoxPlayer Windows 10 – 64 Bit?

Jio Live TV For Windows

I already showed you how you can install Jio live Tv on Bluestacks with using windows 10 and i will showed you step by step process to do this, so just follow them.

NoxPlayer basically alternative of Bluestacks and almost the same to use, and you don’t need to get any guide to install NoxPlayer for JioTv you just follow all the steps that i already showed you on the top section.

Don’t worry i will also, give you some hints to install Jio live tv on NoxPlayer windows 10, just open the NoxPlayer Emulator and add your Gmail and password of your Play store and open the play store by using NoxPlayer and then search for JionTv on Noxplayar and then install it on just like i showed you on top, and then open the Jio live Tv app when installing complete and add all the important information like Gmail passwords of you JioTv app.

Then just click on “Sign In” and see what happened, and see just take 1 minute or less you will see your Jio live Tv now on your NoxPlayer, and now you can watch any Tv shows on your Windows 10 Pc.

So i think now you’re all understand how you can easily use JioTv live on your windows 10 by using NoxPlayer and now you can easily play anything you want to play, and now i will show you how you can watch Bigg Boss, KBC, Live Cricket & TV shows on your Windows 10 PC?

How To Watch JioTV Bigg Boss, KBC, Live sports & TV shows on Windows 10 PC?

So after installing and using now if you’re looking or searching to watch Bigg Boss, KBC, Live Cricket & TV shows on your Windows 10 Emulator JioTv app and you don’t know how to do that and how to find those types of shows? don’t worry here i will show you how you can watch Bigg boss and, KBS and cricket on JioTv emulator?

  • First, Open your any Emulator like Noxplayar or Bluestacks.
  • And then now you just open your JioTv app from your Emulator.
  • Now you just find the search bar of the JioTv app and search for your any shows name like “Bigg Boss” and search for this and wait until the search process complete.
  • When your search process complete you see your Bigg boss will appear on your screen.

This is the best way to find any shows on the JioTv app and using this same technique you can find you any Tv shows like KBC, Live Cricket & TV shows.

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Now its time to leave, but one thing did you know that Jio Live Tv also has there own website and where you can also, watch your favorite Tv shows easily by just using their website.

So this is one more method to use Jio Tv on any devices like Mac, Windows any other OS, so if you found anything helpful from this article then please do share or do a good comment below.

Also, if you found anything wrong in this tutorial guide about Jio Live Tv for windows 10 64 bit then please feel free and let me know by using the same comment box! goodbye, take care!

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