How To Save or Download WhatsApp Status Videos?

We know Whatsapp is one of the best and amazing instant messaging platform for us and we’re using this platform so much for the purposes of our communication, and WhatsApp also, giving us so many features for using and were really using those features because those features are really amazing and cool.

I think One year ago WhatsApp released a feature called status and so many users now using and adding status on there WhatsApp, and it’s cool to use, and nowadays WhatsApp brings so many features you can find those features on my How To category, so if you interested to know about those features then check this category.

Now dayes we so many beautiful and amazing WhatsApp status videos on our friends and families account and its look cool to see, but when we like any WhatsApp status video so much then we want to download it on our phone but WhatsApp doesn’t have this feature and they’re not allowed to download WhatsApp status videos.

But don’t worry here I’m, i will help you with that and i will give step by step easy method to save or download WhatsApp status videos without any problem, so you need to keep eye on my steps then you can do it for download any WhatsApp status videos.

Steps To Save or Download WhatsApp Status Videos On Android

  • Open your file manager app from your mobile, if you have google file manager then open it.
  • Then swipe on the left corner and then find the “Settings” and click on it.
  • So here you will see some options, you just find the “Show Hidden Files” and turn on the toggle.
  • Now you already did 50% work now you just go to your “Internal Storage” and find the “Whatsapp” Folder.
  • Then Go to “Whatsapp Folder” and then go to “Media” and then find the “.Statuses” folder and this is the hidden folder that you enable by using the toggle.
  • Then you just open the “.Statuses” folder and see here are all the status videos are stored for you now you can easily mark your favorite WhatsApp status videos and then copy those files and paste it your own folder.

So using this method you can save any WhatsApp status videos if those videos are expired for 24 hours, don’t worry you can find all the status videos on this file, so you don’t need to face any problems during this.

Download Whatsapp Status Videos Using Android Apps

Yes! this another easy method to do this work, if you see on google play store there are so many apps that have been launched for download WhatsApp status videos and those apps are really work 100% because i already used so many apps and tested this.

But the problem of using any apps for download status videos is, those are third-party apps and those apps are not linked to the official WhatsApp app and that’s why using those apps you can get ban from WhatsApp, and this is the big problem for users using this app.


So i think now you can do it on your Whatsapp, and if you found anything helpful from this article then please do a share and also, you can do a good comment below to get touch with us, and also, if you found anything wrong from this article then feel free and tell me the wrong on the comment box below and that’s why i will fix my problems very soon!