How to Make Money on Pinterest

If you already recognized the power of social networks, you must have heard about Pinterest. Pinterest is more than a regular social network – that’s what most of us know, but how many of us knew that you could make money on Pinterest? This might be an opportunity for you. Keep going.


With over 400 million users active globally monthly, it is obvious that Pinterest is growing and generating revenues. Although there is no option for a direct sale on Pinterest, here are some key strategies for those wishing to monetize their Pinterest channel, which might be an ideal solution for influencers and some businesses.

For any brand that offers e-sales, Pinterest is an asset that helps drive traffic to successful sales. To make money on your breath-taking photos on Pinterest, you must navigate the traffic to your e-commerce. Start using pins to expose your commodities and steer your fans and followers to the webshop directly. This opportunity is the closest to the digital breadcrumbs trail. 


Promoted pins are also used to achieve a variety of goals, from increasing the number of followers to increasing sales. To increase the reach, you might as well invest in some ads because Pinterest users react well to them. Consider this: the more clicks one has to do to complete the transaction, the fewer sales you will have. For that, make sure you upload the attractive photo content and use the pre-designed templates, which can lead your visitors to your e-commerce page, where the transaction can be completed directly. 


Additionally, stepping up the SEO game is crucial. With a good SEO configuration, you will let your users find your pin under specific and strategically chosen keywords, which lead to nothing but your products. We advise you to use such a description inside your pin and profile. Desirably it should be on the inside of your URL. What description does is straight up help your pins get better Google rankings; therefore, your products can be found easily.  

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Another way to monetize your Pinterest content is to register for an affiliate product. In today’s competitive economy, you must ensure your product comes first before the competition. Don’t sign up randomly. Carefully choose products that will particularly attract your target group – your followers.

Another feature you will find useful is tracking clicks. With a URL shortener, you will be able to track all the sales that are going your way. In most cases, such tools are free and will track your click-through rate. By promoting products on your Pinterest board with affiliate links, you can get even better results. You can even share products via pins. If someone else repins your pin, it will be your affiliate link that is shared!

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To reduce spamming, Pinterest does change rules and regulations every once in a while. That is why you must keep an eye on its rules and regulations to avoid being penalized.


Whether you heard it or not, Pinterest does not allow you to sell your products to your customers directly. However, there is a handful of ways to make that money on Pinterest. It does require you to create a business account, use pins and templates, and follow SEO pieces of advice, and you are eligible to make money by using Pinterest.