MojaLoss 2021: Best FTP Movie Downloading Site For BD

Today’s article is basically an informative article for you, and in this particular article, i will show you a website called MojaLoss, and using this website you can get unlimited English, Bangla, Tamil, and Hindi movies easily without any money.

So to know about the mojo loss website you need to read the full article carefully because in this article I will give you brief information about this website, so stay with us.

What Is The Mean Of Mojaloss Name?

So, as i told you i will give you the brief information that’s why first i will told you about the name of this website, so basically, mojaloss is a Bangla language which means you’re working anyone for jocking you, and this is the meaning of mojaloss name.

But the main thing is, this is a movie downloading site for all movie lovers, and this website has so many categories movies like Bangla, Hindi, Tamil, and English or so many more also, this website is most popular in Bangladesh.

History of Mojaloss Movie Downloading Website

According to website informer: Mojaloss website founded in 2014-07-14, and nowadays this is so much popular in Bangladesh also, this website has there another name called “” and this also, same.

Did you know that? this website has its own FTP server, and using their FTP server you will get unlimited speed when you download any movie from their website.

Also, this website has an awesome feature and it was the advertisement, because users can’t see any advertisement when they visit their website, and this is the best reason why peoples like to use the moja loss website.

Recently Mojaloss stream website leaked so many latest Hollywood movies called “Space Sweepers, WandaVision” and so many other movies, so if you’re looking to watch space sweepers or wandavision movies then you can do it on the Mojalossstream website.

IMDB TOP 250 Movies The Shawshank Redemption, The Godfather, The Dark Knight, 12 Angry Men, Schindler’s List, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Pulp Fiction, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Fight Club
IMDB TOP 100 Animations Spirited Away, Coco, The Lion King, Grave of the Fireflies, WALL·E, Princess Mononoke, Incredibles 2, Toy Story, Toy Story 3
IMDB TOP 250 TV Shows Planet Earth II, Band of Brothers, Planet Earth, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, The Wire, Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey, Rick and Morty, Cosmos, The Sopranos
movies and tv showes name list

Some Category of Mojaloss Website

Movies on Mojaloss.Stream

IMDB Top 250 Movies: in this category, you will get the awesome list of top 250 movies list according to IMDB, and this is the best category for all the movie lovers, also, this category update day by day.

IMDB Top 250 Movies Hindi: in this category, you will get an awesome list of best Indian films according to the IMDb, and that’s why you do not need to find anywhere for any movies because you can get all the Indian latest movies on the one side.

IMDB Top 250 TV Shows 2021: This is the best category for those peoples who like to see Tv shows, and that’s why in this category you will get an awesome 250 lists of the latest tv shows.

IMDB Top 100 Horror Movies: Almost, everyone likes to watch horror movies, and in this horror movie category you will get the 100 best horror movie list according to IMDb rating, so you do not need to find anywhere.

IMDB Top 100 Animations 2021: This is another category for animation movie lovers, i know there are so many users has on the internet they like to watch animation movies and that’s why this is the best place to find your favorite animation movies in one place, and you don’t worry this list will update day by day. Bangla Movie: Also for Bangladeshi movie lovers can download any Bangla movies from this .net website, like if you’re looking best and hit Bengali movies on google then you can simply get those movies on Bengali movies. TV: Did you know that? has tons of live tv channels on their website, so if you don’t know about the secret then go to and find their Tv channels collection, and also, we know that bioscopelive is one of the best Tv for Bengali users and you can watch the bioscopelive on their website.

How to Download Movies From Website?

So you got the idea of the moja loss website, and now you want to download movies from this website and you don’t know how to do it?

So to download any types of movies from the Moja loss website you need to follow my some steps below, and using those steps you can download Hindi, Bengali, or any types of movies.

This is a paid website, so if you want to pay for it then you can go for it at your own risk, mean were not responsible for you, Thanks:

How to Download Movies From
  1. Go to “”.
  2. Then find the “Pro” category and click on it.
  3. Now you can see they give you some steps and where they first told you to download their “Test” file to see their speed.
  4. So to download and see their test just click on the link and download and see their performance of speed and then if you satisfy with their speed then delete the test file from your pc or mobile.
  5. Now if you found helpful speed then contact their team with this E-mail address “” and then give them the payment with the Bkash payment system.
  6. Now you need to send them the last three numbers of your payment number and then they will give you the confirmation within 15-20 minutes (Average time) and then your account will open.

Payment System of Website

So if you are interested in watch or download latest had movies with high quality then you need to pay for them with your card, so you need to know that which payment system they allow from their customers, so they allow, Paypal or Bkash.

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Bottom Line

So i shared complete information on the website and now if you want to use this website for your movies downloading purposes then you can go for it at your own risk.

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