How To Delete Signal App Account From Android and iOS?

Tons of peoples are downloading and install the Signal app for android, ios, PC, and they using this for their communication purposes, and signal is doing well.

But so many peoples find the better one for doing there comunication…

Now they want to delete signal app account from their smartphone or computer, but they don’t know how to remove or unregister signal account?

Don’t worry i will help you to remove or delete signal app account from your any device easily with step by step process, so keep reading to do it.

Steps To Delete Signal Account From Android

  1. In Signal, tap your profile > Now click on Advanced >Then click on the Delete account.
  2. Now here you need to enter your Signal account number.
  3. Then easily click on the Delete account.
  4. Now just confirm the Delete account process.
Video guide about how to remove signal app account?

Steps To Delete Signal Account From IOS

  • In Signal, tap your profile again as you can do it on android and then click the > Advanced option and now click on the > Delete Account button.
  • Now simply Choose to Proceed to confirm.

Bottom Line Work After Remove Signal Account

After doing my all the gives steps now you just recheck if it worked or not? so to that just go to > Signal app again > now log-in again > give all the pieces of information again and check if your account working or not?

So i think you understand how to remove your signal app account? and now you can do it with yourself, so if you found anything helpful then please do share or leave a comment below.

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