Tips on Selecting the Right Video Hiring Platform for Your Organization

One of the hottest new trends in hiring is video interviewing. It’s also a great way to reach a wider pool of candidates, as interviews can be conducted remotely. However, it does require more setup and maintenance than traditional phone interviews.

In order for video interviewing to be successful in your organization, you need to choose the right video hiring platform that suits its needs.

Considerations when choosing a video interviewing solution

  • Cost: The first thing to consider when choosing a video interview software is cost. You want to make sure that the solution you choose will allow you to get real ROI by enabling your team to hire better candidates faster.
  • Technical requirements: Next up are technical requirements. You will want to determine whether or not the platform in question can be easily integrated into your existing technology stack, and if not, what kind of development work would be required before it could be integrated (if possible at all). This can help you avoid wasting time trying solutions that don’t fit within your organization’s current technology infrastructure or won’t work with other systems already in place at your company.
  • Flexibility: Another key consideration is flexibility specifically. How much flexibility does each solution provide for customization? While some features may be included out of the box with each tool, most platforms will allow for additional functionality through customization options such as custom integrations and advanced user profiles. Consider this when deciding which one makes sense for your organization’s needs.
  • User experience: Finally and perhaps most importantly, you’ll want a solution that provides an intuitive user experience (UX). An easy-to-use interface is crucial since users will likely have many questions about how things work during their first few days using it. Having an intuitive interface goes a long way toward helping them feel comfortable using these tools right away.

What are your budget considerations

As you can imagine, there will be a fee for using video interview platforms. The cost of the video recruiting platform itself is often based on the number of job candidates that you want to reach out to.

Are there technical requirements

Video call

When it comes to selecting a video recruiting platform, there are a few technical considerations you should make. First, check if you need to install software or hardware. Some hiring platforms require the installation of an app that can be used on mobile devices or desktop computers.

If this is the case, ensure your organization has the appropriate infrastructure for enabling these tools. Second, determine whether or not upgrading your network will be necessary for video interviews to run smoothly.

Finally, consider compatibility issues. Some systems require certain operating systems that may not be compatible with your current computer setup or software programs, like Adobe Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Word 2013.

How many users do you need to support

The number of users you’ll be supporting will determine the size and cost of your video hiring platform. A low-cost solution might be fine if you only need it for yourself or a small team.

If this technology is used regularly by hundreds or thousands of your partners and workers, then an enterprise-grade solution is necessary.


Video interviews are a great way to get to know your candidates better, but they’re just one part of the hiring process. Keep an eye on the broad picture and select a solution that satisfies all your needs.

Remember that video interviewing platforms are designed for more than just recruitment. They can be used for talent management purposes too.