How To Send Text Messages Without Sound in Telegram?

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Now in this article, i want to announce with my audience about telegram’s new feature called “without sound SMS”, basically this is an awesome feature launched by telegram officials.

What’s the mean without sound message or SMS?

Now you can send any messages without sound, like if you want to do a text message to your any friend through telegram then just write the message and hold on the “send” button and it will show you the feature.

Here is the official statement of the telegram on Twitter and already this feature launched on all telegram application, and now users can send SMS without sound silently on telegram, here is the guide about how you can also, send text messages without sound in Telegram?

Steps To Send Text Messages Without Sound in Telegram Messenger

  • First, update your telegram messenger app.
  • Then go to your friend or any family’s telegram ID to send a demo message.
  • Now write a message according to you and after writing now just hold on the “send” button and click the “Send without sound” button, that’s set now see your SMS performed without any sound silently.

Bottom Line

This is an awesome feature launched by telegram because we are so many time travel so many different places where we need be silently, and this is the main reason why we need deliver our message without sound.

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