Easy Way To Create Poll in Telegram Channel (Step by Step)

Create Poll in Telegram Channel

I already published so many articles, techniques, and tricks related to Telegram messenger and so many peoples are really loved them, that’s why here in this article I’m going to show you another Telegram tips to create poll in Telegram channel or group and it is the best and easy way. So To Create Poll … Read more

How To Create Telegram Messanger Account on Pc?

Create Telegram Account on Pc

Creating an account on any platform is easy and Telegram also, an easy platform to create your account by using the software. So if you’re a PC user then here are the step by step guide about how to create your first telegram account without any problem by using the telegram web version. Why telegram … Read more

How to Create a Private Only Me Channel in Telegram?

Create a Private Only Me Channel in Telegram

So creating a channel in telegram messanger is so easy but: Creating an only me channel is totally not easy, and it was totally different to do why? because official telegram doesn’t allow to make telegram channel without any other person or channel members. So in this article, i will show you a method to … Read more

How To Send Text Messages Without Sound in Telegram?

Messages Without Sound in Telegram

Hope you’re well, and I’m shared to you lots of latest telegram feature hope you already read them, so if you do not find them then here are the links go and check them out: Now in this article, i want to announce with my audience about telegram’s new feature called “without sound SMS”, basically … Read more