Best Ways to Use Videos on Your E-Commerce Website That Will Make Customers Fall in Love With Your Products

As most digital marketing agencies will tell you, video advertising has become one of the most vital marketing tools today. It is no coincidence that TikTok has become the fastest growing social network and that Instagram is trying to regain its luster by spreading its ‘Reels’ worldwide.

People like to peek into other people’s lives. Through video, you can feel an emotion that you cannot express through words or photography. The video further encourages people to chat, and it is also nice to know that search engines, such as Google, love videos.


Until recently, marketing managers represented video marketing almost exclusively on TV. However, with the advent of social networks that offer the ability to spread videos quickly and the rapid development of technology, video advertising is becoming an increasingly cheap tool. It is worth investing in it!

It is ok to hire a professional production company to do it for you. But when you are first starting out, it is not a bad idea to show others how creative you can be. It will personalize your ad, which will bring more life and charm to your advertisement, and you won’t have to worry about it being too typical and monotonous.

Video camera

Video recording no longer requires thousands and thousands of dollars, and the prices of video advertising are becoming more and more affordable as time goes on.

Do not be afraid to post videos on your e-commerce site with the products and services you offer to your target market. It will increase the conversation between customers and your sales team and increase sales altogether.

It will also help you in the SEO department of your e-commerce site and boost your on-page SEO rank. Aside from that, your customers’ confidence will increase. Customers will see what you are selling and what your product looks like, eliminating even the slightest doubt when they decide to buy something from you.

If you are interested in how to direct your video campaign, here are some tips:

1. Start smart with your video recording

Play with the length of your ad, but do not overdo it. Online video ads do not require too much content. Try to make a small scenario of 90 to 120 seconds and stick to it.

Video editor

Use language and expressions that are familiar to everyone. No one wants to use a dictionary to translate your message. What is perhaps most important, your message must bring the customer into a state where he can imagine how to use your product in the best possible way.

2. Try expert roundups

Experts can create roundup video posts that provide insight into your product or service. Their focus is on one type of review with dissenting opinions, criticisms, or predictions about your product or service’s further development.

This marketing approach is more formal than others but further develops customer confidence. Therefore, it is crucial to gather real experts who know the niche they are working on and who are knowledgeable enough to be acquainted with what you are selling.

When creating an exciting roundup video post, one should consider the quality of the experts’ questions. The questions should be simple enough so that the answer would not be too long and complicated.

3. Keep the customer’s attention with a coming soon video

It is hard to keep customers’ attention, and if you want to announce an incredible new product or service, a great way to do so is to make a coming soon video that you can put on a coming soon page. You can make that page with the help of Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode, a plugin that has your back when it comes to making your readers anticipate something exciting.

The plugin offers you a large number of images and themes that you can implement into your website. The great thing is, it isn’t just here to make your website look visually pleasing or to give your users something to look forward to.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode is also a great tool that will maintain your website and keep it secure, polished, and SEO friendly.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

All you need is to put the product’s outlines in your coming soon page’s background and let the customers’ imagination run wild. Let them think about what interesting in your offer awaits them in the coming days.

4. Motivate the customer to make their video about your product

Involve your customers as much as possible in your brand’s marketing process. For example, if you sell spices for food, motivate your customers to make a video in which they use your spice and send you a recipe that fits your product best.

Filming video

You can even take it a step further and reward the best recipes. Connecting with your customers is a crucial part of running a successful business. Besides, your customers will enjoy it.

5. Make your video live and 360°

Research shows that people spend much more time watching live streams than pre-recorded materials. You can stream presentations and interviews live and engage viewers to ask questions or share comments.

Also, you can create 360° ​​videos in which you allow customers to “scroll” the screen to see your product from every angle. This approach will enable users to better experience the location or event they are tracking and provide a unique user experience.

The process of making a video takes place in several stages:

  • Make a coming soon page to attract and hold the customer’s attention until you publish your new advertisement
  • Design a video and define its purpose
  • Make a shooting plan, step by step, like when writing a blog post
  • Get acquainted with the recording tool, whether it is a professional camera or a mobile device
  • Prepare the necessary equipment – audio elements and lighting
  • Relax the people who appear in the video and describe their roles to them
  • Keep in mind that the video needs to go through the editing process and do not waste hours on every detail that is not perfect
  • Organize recorded video files
  • Edit the video using a video editor
  • Select a music background for the video
  • Record the narrator of the video

Editing program

Final thoughts

If you want to go a step further in your marketing activities and have your e-commerce site full of a variety of videos that will increase your sales, remember the most important thing.

With a video, you tell a story about your product, and that story must always be true. If it is not, you will risk making your customers disappointed, which is not something you want to do. Focus on being authentic and unique.

A video ad can sometimes make or break the customer’s decision to go on with your product or service. Take some time to make it as creative and honest as can be.