How Automation Testing Can Help Simplify Business Processes?

While it’s possible to perform all sorts of testing manually, it requires time to plan, develop, execute, evaluate and document every test script.

However, suppose you are running numerous scripts and testing regularly. In that case, it’s easy to determine how you can save hundreds of hours every year with the help of Oracle Cloud Automated Testing.


In this digital era, where we have already automated many things, it’s somewhat surprising to find so many businesses still relying on manual testing to perform tests on their enterprise resource planning software.

Oracle Cloud Automated Testing can easily help improve all testing areas, from script development to test execution, results analysis, and error monitoring.

Automated Testing offers a plethora of benefits, but they can be boiled down to five key advantages:

  • The development of a consistent, reliable test procedure.
  • An overall improvement in terms of quality and testing accuracy.
  • Reduction in testing efforts.
  • Performing faster tests.
  • It also helps enable code-current strategy
  • Along with other advantages, automation testing helps in increasing the testing coverage. Due to automation in testing, the number of test cases executed can be increased.
  • Automation helps ensure that new code passes existing tests before it’s put into production.

In addition, Oracle Cloud Automated Testing can deliver other advantages too. For example, suppose a tester finds a bug. The programmer rectifies it, but 7% of bug fixes generated new bugs on average. The testing team needs to rerun the same test, plus they need to test on any dependent workflows.

Such a thing repeatedly happens in a manual test environment, where the manual tester can confirm the bug has been rectified and move on. It can easily lead to defect making throughout the development phase, which is very expensive to fix if found in the development environment. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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Here are five ways in which test automation can add value to your business:

  • Perform more testing in a short duration: With the help of Oracle Cloud Automated Testing, testers can do more and achieve for less. In addition, project delivery time can also be shortened, which results in increased operational efficiencies.
  • Tests can be repeated just as it is: During the testing phase, any tester can run a test script developed by another tester without having the necessary knowledge of the originator. However, repeated use of an automated test script provides more consistent results.
  • Minimizes tester fatigue and boredom: Manual testers can spend more time updating automated scripts for more complex scenarios instead of re-entering test script data manually each time with the increased risk of human error.
  • Schedule automated testing out of hours: A business may need to regression test a system by running substantial volumes of tests out of hours. It is the most important area where automation testing can add significant value. Start with a large volume of automated tests at the end of the working day and check the pass/fail rate the next morning.
  • Manage major change events: Automation solutions allow users to make changes quickly for major projects like company expansions. It eliminates manual testing and allows developers to focus on what matters.

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