Five Best SaaS Help Desks to Ensure Easy and Smooth Communication With Customers

Customer support and communication with the customers are the crucial elements for a successful online business. If one side does not answer correctly and promptly, the company can pay consequences, and customers may lose the desire for further cooperation. Therefore, it is vital to know how to avoid those scenarios.

Help desk software is a medium puzzle between a customer support agent and a customer with a problem on the other side. They help to reduce the time for managing customers’ queries, solving issues, and sending feedbacks. Sometimes, help desks are entirely hosted on a local server, which has many drawbacks.

Moreover, Software as a Service (SaaS) help desk is a cloud-based application that is easy to start and implement for any business. SaaS help desk guarantees safe and hacker-proof data. Since it is on the cloud, it updates regularly, leaving the user no pressure and worry for any maintenance. Depending on the business growth, a user selects and pays for different features and storage.

1. Freshdesk


Freshdesk is one of the most used help desk platforms today. It is used by some of the largest tech companies. It is a very easy-to-use platform with a simple option for integration and customization with many applications and features. The platform keeps customer support agents highly motivated by a unique gamification feature – the Freshdesk Arcade.

With the arcade, agents see their performance on the leaderboard and awards for finished tickets. This feature represents what SaaS help desks are about: fast, reliable, and highly professional multifunctional software keeping everyone satisfied. Finally, Freshdesk has many packages. One of them is free with limited features, but it is excellent for a start when the business is still in its early stages. This platform is also available as a mobile application.

2. Zendesk


Zendesk is another popular help desk platform incorporating ZenDesk Support, Talk, Chat, Guide, and over 500 applications and services. It offers advanced and fast service for better communication with the customers. One of its remarkable features is the usage of AI and machine learning suggestions for quick ideas and solutions.

However, its user interface is not so neat, but the high technology behind the software covers that disadvantage. Many large, currently popular companies are proud ZenDesk users.

3. JitBit


JitBit is a strong help desk tool with powerful email communication with customers as the main focus, among other standard SaaS features. It is simple to set up and use, and it can integrate with tools such as Dropbox, Github, JIRA, Slack, etc.

JitBit is used by all levels of businesses since it offers secure and robust protection of data. Based on the type and size of the business, they offer four packages and prices with different available features. Like many SaaS help desks, JitBit is also available as a mobile application.

4. Help Scout

Help Scout

HelpScout is a beloved but straightforward tool, first developed for excellent email communication. It offers document sharing, live chat support, amazing team collaboration, and integrations with many tools for more accessible and better task management and productivity.

They are adjustable for all company sizes and types of business, with an excellent program for startups. It has two pricing plans, first fixed and another customizable by business needs and size.

5. Groove


Groove is a customer service platform precisely developed for small businesses. It gives fast, high-quality support, which helps companies to earn more and spend less money. Groove offers a well-organized inbox for neat communication with customers. Also, it provides a detailed knowledge base that saves time and provides precise reports for better further team management.

Groove offers integrations with many valuable tools, including JIRA, GitHub, Slack, Trello, Shopify, etc. Moreover, the platform has four pricing packages providing different features that can satisfy a company’s needs and the number of users.


Every SaaS help desk platform is similar but with many different features which can be ideal for one company but useless for another. Every business is other and has different needs.

For those reasons, the business owner should compare and try more platforms to see which one suits the best for its business. All these mentioned platforms offer free trial versions, which should help the first sense and final decision.