How to Become Better at Teaching Online

We are all aware of the situation that has struck us, and it came in ways we couldn’t even imagine. The most basic ways of life were limited and put aside because of the deadly virus in 2019. Because of these limitations given to us, the principles of learning were also limited.

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Instead of learning in person, at the moment, online teaching has taken over the scene, and might I say, I wasn’t so thrilled about it. Why is that?

Teaching jobs online were boring, monotone and they were lacking life in general. How can you learn from this type of environment, or how can you pass knowledge to others? 

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Luckily, you found this great article that will help you teach better online. Here are some quick and excellent tips!

Four Crucial Tips for Better Online Lectures

1. Be Present

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Being present can’t be emphasized enough. Just imagine, you are enthusiastically connecting to your online classroom, to see your professor all grumpy, quickly going through the slides, saying something not even they understand. That’s right, nobody isn’t going to listen to that for free, not to mention to pay.

Your lack of presence and energy passes on to your classroom, you as a tutor need to make your students fall in love with what you’re saying, your words need to leave an impression. Otherwise, you will be put in the boring professor category, and nobody wants to be there.

2. Show Your Face

Some professors don’t feel comfortable with this, but you are somewhat obligated to do that. You automatically build a better bond with your students by showing your face, expressions, and gestures in this period. They will watch you with love and compassion, which is what we are looking for.

3. Don’t Make Your Videos Too Long

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Everyone has a different capacity and tempo they can follow when it comes to learning. Some people can go 10 hours without stopping and some people can’t imagine sitting for more than 30 minutes.

To satisfy everyone, push their capacities beyond them, and lower the standards for those who don’t give themselves a break, a solid 45 minute video per lecture is brilliant.

4. Always Be Available to Your Students

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Wait, don’t get all caught up, thinking you need to be there 24/7. You also need a break but make office hours, where students can feel free to ask you any questions related and co-related to your tutoring. Have an open discussion about what would they like, how can you improve your teaching for them to learn better.

Also, some students are anxious and shy, by some students I mean I was that student. Please, sometimes approach us if you see that we aren’t doing so well. Reminder, please do that in private, we get caught up in the moment of how we say something, that we don’t fully comprehend on what we actually need to ask.


Taking everything into consideration, it isn’t easy for anyone, not the teachers nor the students. We all have to work on something so that this type of lifestyle can effectively contribute to us.

Make your environment a safe place for people to feel free to ask, contribute and receive knowledge, because that’s what life is all about.