CISA Vs CISM- How Do I Choose?

CISM can be extended as Certified Information Security Manager, and CISA stands for Certified Information Systems Auditor. Both CISM and CISA information security courses and certifications that the set of expertise and experience provided by both the certificates are pretty different from each other.

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Individuals and guests in both fields learn a different skill set and gain different experiences throughout their work. Board certifications talk about universal security principles and the best practices that are a bit different in both the courses for the same thing. The certification of CISM and CISA husband enervated via Job Task Analysis to provide directions to professionals on to particular career paths.

To become CISA or CISM certified, individuals need to provide verified evidence of at least five years in the field of information security or professional information system auditing. This part can also vary to control, security work experience, and many more such elements. The job practice serves as the basis of both the examinations plus the expertise required to earn both certifications. Various domains adequately organize the following.

CISM Certification


CISM certification was designed by a non-profit, independent, and reputable global association, ISACA, which creates various information technology credentials to further the industry-leading understanding and practices for the information systems.:

The diploma of CISM was particularly innovated for the managers in the field of information security and other professional candidates who innovate, manage and assess information security on an enterprise level. The certification of CISM enhances the expertise of professionals all over four domains:

  • The first domain covers Information Security Governance which is one of the crucial parts of the course.
  • The second domain covers Information Risk Management which individuals generally don’t neglect.
  • The third domain is Information Security Program Development and Management.
  • The last and fourth domain is the Information Security Incident Management part which covers the top portion of the entire course.

The CISM credential helps the security managers by providing substantial factors. The credential of CISM makes the candidates eligible for a wide range of career paths, including Chief Information Offers, Risk Management Professional and Information Technology consultants, and many more.

CISA Certification


The certification of CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) is one of the most preferred certifications in its field. The following certification can add significant value to the resume of the candidates.

The certification of CISA proves the individuals’ understanding and the capability, control, audit, assess, and perform ongoing observation of the Information Technology systems. There are specific skills that are reflected in five different job practice domains. The five other domains are:

  • The first domain of the course is the Process of Auditing Information Systems.
  • The second Domain of the course is Governance and Management of IT, one of the most binding domains.
  • The third part of the course is Information Systems Acquisition, Development, and Implementation, which teaches the individuals about proper deployment and improvement of the systems and information systems acquisition.
  • The second last, or fourth domain of the course teaches the individuals about Information Systems Operations, maintenance, and Service Management.
  • The fifth domain’s last part of the course is the Protection and Information Assets, which summarizes the entire class. Individuals need to be thorough in this domain.

The demand for Information Systems audit professionals is gradually increasing in the modern industry because they are the ones who possess this knowledge. The search for professionals is rising progressively to identify severe issues and customize different practices to encourage trust and value from the information systems.

The certification of CISA examines the capability of the individuals to assess the vulnerabilities, report any compliance, and institute controls within a business.


ISACA says that the following course is designed for Information Systems Auditors, Information Technology Auditors, IT consultants, information system consultants, and many more such candidates.

The managers will be liable to answer the security threats for the firm. In such a case, the CISA credential can deliver the apt insights to deal with issues.