The Importance of an Effective Operations Center

By now, just about everyone knows that cybersecurity is a critical concern for every business. Setting up a security operations center (SOC) can help you maintain the security you need during these challenging times.

Why Cybersecurity Is Essential

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Cybersecurity is vital for a variety of reasons. A security breach can affect your bottom line both directly and indirectly. In the short term, cybercriminals can drain funds from your company’s accounts.

In the longer term, any security breach can damage your brand and your corporate image. If you want to keep your organization safe from attack, you’ll want to maintain a security operations center (SOC).

Introducing the SOC

Simply put, the SOC is a dedicated unit that monitors your systems for intrusion 24 hours per day. This round-the-clock monitoring is essential for keeping up with the latest threats. Besides stopping security breaches, your SOC will quickly identify and expel intruders.

Once a hacker breaches your system, time is of the essence. The longer the attack goes unaddressed, the more damage you may see. With a dedicated security center, you’ll have the agility you need to avoid public relations disasters.

Cybersecurity: A Threat That Never Sleeps

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These days, it seems the headlines are top-loaded with stories of hacking attacks. Such attacks vary widely in severity in nature. However, we can safely say that many of them could have been avoided by taking basic precautions. While most companies keep regular business hours, you can’t assume that criminals will do the same.

Whether their goals are financial or ideological, the world’s cybercriminals always seem ready to take action. Many criminals prefer to initiate their attacks late at night or on weekends. After all, these are the times when many organizations let their guard down. These malicious actors operate in most nations and in every time zone.

With the benefit of a SOC, you’ll be able to focus on your core operations. For smaller companies, addressing all security needs in-house can prove pretty impractical. Outsourcing your SOC may be your most cost-efficient option. Whether or not you handle these matters in-house, you’ll need excellent software resources to neutralize attacks.

Cloud-based SOC software allows you to maintain a close watch on your systems remotely. With the right SOC software, you can steer clear of the crippling attacks that have damaged many corporate brands.

The Nature of the Beast: Areas of Vulnerability

Generally speaking, hackers have two main targets when breaching corporate systems. Firstly, hackers target your digital infrastructure. Ideological hackers may attack infrastructure to pursue their petty grievances. Hackers also target infrastructure to secure access to their secondary target: data. Companies like Micro Focus can provide you the SOC software you need to keep customer data safe.

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If you’ve been handling cybersecurity on an ad hoc basis, you owe it to yourself to find a new way of operating. Supposing you are the employee who initiates this transition, you could earn a reputation as an ambitious self-starter.