How To Delete Lamour Chat Account From Android Permanently?

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Want to delete Lamour chat account from your android? if yes! then read the full article.

Lamour is one of the best applications for Indian users who want to do dating with girls, and this app full name called Lamour Love All Over The World on the play store.

You can do video call, match, or meet using this application, and that’s why this is an populer dating app for indian users, but now if you want to remove Lamour app from android then read the step by step process.

5 Steps To Delete Lamour Chat Account From Android Permanently

  • Go to your this link to delete your account from Lamour database:
  • Then click on the “Login with your account” and then find the “account settings” option and click on it.
  • Now where you will get a link to delete your account, so just click on it.
  • Now it’s time to describe why you want to delete lamour account? so if you want to do this then describe some reason and if you don’t want then skip them.
  • So then just click on the “Delete My Account” button and then again “confirm” that really you want to do this and that’s set, now you successfully removed your lamour account from your phone.

When you successfully do those all things then you just go to your lamour application and then “Uninstall” it from your phone.


Bottom Line

This is the way of how to remove lamour chat account from android phone? so I hope you know how to do this and now you already removed your account from lamour database.

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