How To Delete Shein Account Permanently From Shein Database?

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So are you want to delete shein account permanently?

If yes! then here i have some easy step by step process of how you can remove your shein account from your phone? so to do this you just follow my article.

So you want to remove shein account data from your mobile or shein database? if yes! then tell your problem about why you want to remove your account from shein shopping platform?

Steps To Delete Shein Account Permanently

If you’re an Indian user of shein platform then I think you want to remove this because the Indian government recently banned some Chinese applications from their country.

Also, if you have any other reason to do this then you can do it by using my simple steps below, so you don’t need to read or watch any other youtube videos or articles to do this, you just carefully follow my steps.

So to delete shein account you need to do an E-mail to the shein official email address and then you need to ask about your account deletion, and then you can do it.

  • Go to your email account.
  • Then compose an email for the shein, so just put this email on the “To” “” (without ”)
  • Then write on “Subject” just like this “Delete My Shein Account” and then describe your issue on the mailbox and send them.
  • That’s set now you will get an email from this email “” and that’s set now you will successfully removed your shein account.

So if you also, want to delete your shein account in another way then just follow my second step about this topic and this is also another simple method like this.

Delete Shein Account With Customer Service

So this is official customer service of shein platform where their customers share their problems or anything and then they fix them so this is the method where we will ask the customer service to delete our account from their database, so to this…

  • First, go to “Me” then go to “Support” and then go to “Customer Service”.
  • Now find and give your Question type like “Account Issue”.
  • After selecting the question types now you need to describe your issue, so just paste this on the describe box “I want to delete my shein account now” and send it to them.
  • Now you just need to wait for there answer and you can get updates on your question from this link:

So after some hours, you need to check the link if any answer got or not? when you see you, your account was deleted from the shein database then you can check is your shein account has or not by using a method, so just try to login with your shein account and see your account will not open due to removed your account.


Is Shein an American Company?

Shein is one of the best company for women’s and children because they mainly focus on women’s products, and it was founded in 2008, and at the last “Shein is china based company”.

Is the Indian Government Banned Shine App on Theire Country?

Yeah, the Shine application was banned in India, and it was officially announced on Twitter and so many Indian platforms on Jun 29, 2020.

Bottom Line

So if you have any question related to shein account removal then you can ask me in the comment section, and that’s why we will give response related to your question, also, if you found anything helpful from this article then please do share or do comment below, Thank You!