How To Delete Telegram Account Permanently Android, Pc, IOS?

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Telegram messenger is one of the best and secure messaging platform for android, IOS, and Desktop users and that’s why almost every messenger users now using the telegram application.

Many peoples using this for there business purposes, and also, so many peoples using this telegram application for so many purposes, with all over the world.

But also, so many old telegram users want so many times to delete Telegram account permanently from there android phone, IOS, and Desktop, for different reasons.

But they don’t know how to permanently remove telegram account from any devices without any problem? so this article is for those peoples who want to do that on their devices.

Delete Telegram Account Permanently From Android or Tablet Phone

So this is a guide for those peoples who are using telegram on there android or tablet devices, and now they want to remove telegram account from there phone permanently, so there i have two methods for android and tablet, and here is all guide for you.

  • The first thing that you need to do is, open your Telegram messenger app and go to Settings > Choose Privacy & Security.
  • Scroll down and Find the “If Away For” and click on it.
  • Choose a month when you want to self destruct your telegram account automatically and thas set.

Suppose, you set it on 1 month then your telegram account can be removed when 1 moth will arrive, so if you want to anytime remove the self-distraction then also, you can do it easily.

Delete Telegram Account Menually Using a Link

This also, a simple method to remove your telegram account easily without any settings, just going a link and then thas set, so just read the full guide carefully and then try to do it.

  • To do this just you need to go to the “Delete Account or Manage Apps” page on the official telegram.
  • After going the link that i provided on above, you can see a page where you will see a box, and this is the box where you need to place your mobile number which one you using for telegram messenger and now you want to delete, so just out the number on the box.
  • Now you are on a new page where you see they telling you to put a new “Confirmation code”, so just view the mobile number and get a message (OTP) and put it on the second box. (You will get the OTP on your telegram account)
  • So after putting the OTP number now its time to provides you the telegram why you want to remove the telegram account? if you don’t want to give the information on telegram then you can “skip” this and thas set.

So congratulation now you successfully removed your telegram messenger account from your android phone, but if you want to remove the telegram account from the desktop then what you need to do?

Delete Telegram Account Permanently IOS, iPhone

So iPhone users also, just go to this link “Delete Account or Manage Apps” and then put your telegram number on the first box and then find your telegram account and get the OTP and put it on the second page and then just click on the “Yes Delete My Account” and that’s set, now you compleately removed telegram account from iPhone.

Delete Telegram Account Permanently Desktop Windows, Laptop User

So if you’re a telegram user and if you’re using the telegram messenger on the laptop like me then what you need to do to remove the telegram account from laptop or desktop? so just read my article carefully.

So laptop or desktop users just go to this link “Delete Account or Manage Apps” and then just follow my manual method on above of my article and thas set, you can delete your telegram account easily with the help of my manual method.

Bottom Line

So this is for today’s article, and i hope you completely understand how to remove the telegram account from a mobile phone? and also, i will show you all the methods that you need to do when you removing the telegram account from your phone or desktop.

So if you found anything helpful from this article then you just do share or leave a comment below and also, if you want to read so many telegram error solutions then you can read those articles by clicking this link, so stay safe and goodbye!

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