How To Disable WhatsApp Blue Ticks via Official APK?

Recently Whatsapp launched there another feature about there blue ticks and now WhatsApp gives you the facility to disable blue ticks via official apk, so that here in this particular article I will teach you how you can easily remove and disable WhatsApp blue ticks via official APK by using your android or tablet phone.

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Basically this is quite easy to do, and nowadays WhatsApp bringing more and more features on their platform because of there users, they want users like there platform very much, that’s the main reason about why WhatsApp bringing those types of features daily.

Looking at WhatsApp’s messaging system, we understand that if there has anyone tik mark after sending a message to anyone then we will understand that this message will successfully sended to the user and if we see a double tick mark on the message below then we understand that this message will successfully be delivered to the user’s phone, and if we see the double tick mark and the blue tick marks then we understand that the message will be already read by the user.

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Basically, this is the main WhatsApp messaging system, and now if you want to turn off the blue tick on your any sent messages then you need to do a specific setting on your WhatsApp app, and then you can do this, so if you want to learn this then keep reading this article…

How You Can Disable WhatsApp Blue Ticks via Official APK?

If you want to off the system then you need to follow my all the instruction below and then you need to implement those things and steps on your WhatsApp settings and then you can do it.

  • So first you just update your WhatsApp app from the play store.
  • Then open your WhatsApp app.
  • Then go to Settings – and then go to – Account – and then here you will find a message like “Privacy and disable Read Receipts” so you just need to uncheck the option and if you want to check this mark then also, you can do it because this is your choice.

So this is the guide about how you can turn off the blue tick mark on your WhatsApp account and if you follow my all the instruction then you can do it on your android phone or tablet.

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Why some WhatsApp ticks not turn blue after sending any messages?

If you send any message on your friends or families then you just look on the message details on the message text below you a double blue tick has on there if you found them then definitely your friend will readed your messages, and if you see the tick not turn blue then your friend will not readed your message.

Can you read a WhatsApp message without the sender knowing?

Whatsapp officially doesn’t have those type of features on their platform at this time, but there have some trick to do this like if anyone sended to your a message then you just turn off the data of your phone and down the notification bar and just look on the message and read the message easily.


You need to know this, you can also do this on your iPhone because this is quite same and easy to do, if you want to know how to this on iPhone then ask me on the comment then I will give you the step by step guide about how to do this on iPhone.

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