What is WhatsApp? Everything About WhatsApp Application

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In those days we have seen that most people are wasting time on social media, but not everyone is wasting their time some peoples are serving their time by using Whatsapp, IMO, Hike, Facebook Messenger and many other social media apps, because you don’t have to go directly to meet any of them, that’s why Whatsapp or many social media apps are really helpful for us,

In this article, I will tell you What is Whatsapp and what is the use of WhatsApp application on your phone? if you want to know about this app then read this article completely fast to last, also we will share another article about Whatsapp business here we will explain all about Whatsapp business account.

What is WhatsApp Application?

WhatsApp is also called WhatsApp Messenger, I think most of the people know about this application, so basically this is an application for android but now this Whatsapp application also support for IOS mean iPhone,

Or recently Facebook-owned this company, this android chatting application helps us to communicate to our friends, relatives, and many others via chatting, video calling, also using this app you can share pictures, useful and useful documents, your locations, and others media,

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According to Wikipedia in February 2020, this application has created 2 billion users in the whole world, I hope you understand what the WhatsApp is? In a simple word, this is a simple means of communication,

Free Call Facility of WhatsApp App

Yes! this is totally right! you can do any type of calls like video call, audio call or any other chat, you can do it totally free, but not totally free because this application will charge your data,

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Now almost everyone consumes data by watching Youtube videos, browsing or many other things, this app is a golden opportunity for them, so many people are not recharging any dollar on there phone they just use Data on their phone, for those people this messenger app is a golden opportunity to communicate to anyone,

Why Would People Use WhatsApp at The Expense of Their Data?

I think now you’re thinking why people are using this messenger app at the expense of their data? I say you one thing see if it is right! basically the cost to buy our data is low, we can buy a lot of data at low cost,

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That’s the main thing I will tell you to use this app free, by free I mean you just have to spend data, you don’t have to buy that much data. this application is actually consumes very little data, But if you start exchanging big files with someone, you will definitely need a lot of data.

Purpose of Using The WhatsApp App

Basically this app made for people communicate for anything to everyone of any time, if you want to send a message to your dad about any emergency then you can do this for using this massager app,

Also, if you go outside in your office and you want to see what’s going on in your office! then also you can do video call using this messenger application, you can do video call on anytime anywhere,

What Are The Main Features of WhatsApp Application?

This application has so many advanced communication features on their platform, those features are for users, you can do anything on Whatsapp, recently Whatsapp added so many features on their application and those are amazing.

Simple messaging feature: you just put your phone number and just give some data and do your amazing chat of anyone, this application gives you the feature to talk and chat your any friend by using their chat feature.

Groups for Video and Audio Calling: You can open a group to have fun with many friends, this app will give you a wonderful experience. you can use it to chat with your friends together. just you need to make a group on this app.

Speak With Your Friends Totally Freely: Free voice calls allow you to talk to your friends and family, even if your dad or friend is out of the country. and also, you can do face-to-face video call conversations with your friends.

Share Anything: You know this app will allows you to send documents to your employ or anyone with just using your data, you can share PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, slideshows, and many things using this feature.

Share Your Recorded Videos: Also, using this messenger app you can share photos or videos instantly of your friends or your family, also you can find on this app a quick camera to capture anything instantly and share it.


If you got Temporarily Banned from Whatsapp then what you can do?

So there is a problem with using this app, basically, this is not a problem why? because if you use any third-party app on your android or iPhone then you can face these types of message called Temporarily Banned, and the third party means if you use WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp on your android then you can get this error on your WhatsApp account, so you need to stop using any third party WhatsApp app from your phone.

How to move your whatsapp to SD Card?

If you want to move your all data from your phone storage to SD Card then there is no have possibility to do that, and already WhatsApp team will working on it and they working to reduce WhatsApp data.

How to update WhatsApp to the latest version?

Android apps all the time getting updated and they want to give you awesome features to there users, and they work hard on there an app for users experience and that’s the reason why WhatsApp every time bringing updates on their platform, so how you can update your WhatsApp, you just go to Google play store and then open the search bar and type here WhatsApp and search for it and open this app on play store and click the “Update” button, and that’s set your WhatsApp now updating.

How to verify my Whatsapp number?

So when you want to create your first Whatsapp account then you see a number verification feature will appear on your face so here is the thing, how to do that, this basically a simple process you just give a number that you use all the time and just hit okay, that’s set.


This application has more than 2 billion users in over 180 countries, and also they have 5,000,000,000+ active play store installation, and recently this app added 8 participants on video call, now 8 people can talk on video call.

So if you’re looking for the best communication android application then I recommend you to this Whatsapp messenger application on your android phone for getting better communication with your friends and family.