How To Use WhatsApp Account Without Any Number?

Welcome to our new article, and you know what in this article I will teach you? basically, I already published another article related to WhatsApp business, and where a talked with you about what is WhatsApp business? and how to use that?

Now peoples want to know about is any trick to use WhatsApp account without any number? so don’t worry here in this particular article I will talk with you about this topic and I will teach you how you can use WhatsApp business without phone number and also, I will give you an amazing guide about WhatsApp account create.

So if you really want to know about those topics then stay with us and read our article carefully and try to implement it on your phone, so without wasting time lets get start it, so we will start from the beginning… and you need to understand all about this topic.

Is It Possible To Use WhatsApp or Whatsapp Business Account Without Phone Number?

So now you want to know about this because this is very important of our this article, basically, there is no genuine way to create any WhatsApp account without any phone number, but there are some ways to create WhatsApp account, like By Faking Number, and using Text Now app, but this is not the genuine solution of this trick.

Whatsapp not allow to create account without number because their policy is that, you need to provide your any personal or business number to make any WhatsApp or WhatsApp business account, so here I will give you the complete genuine way to make your WhatsApp account, you need to click the link to know all about WhatsApp account. How to verify your WhatsApp Business number.

Also, I will teach you three methods to make a WhatsApp account or WhatsApp account without any Number, so read those methods carefully and try to do this on your phone.

Create Whatsapp Business Account Using Temporary or Virtual Number

In this method we will teach you how you can create a WhatsApp account without SIM card temporary and using a virtual number, so first, you need to make a virtual number by using an app called TextNow, and then you need to connect the virtual number to your WhatsApp account that set.

  • First, you need to unlock your android phone 🙂 then you just go to your google play store.
  • Then you just open the search bar and then find this app called “TextNow” and then find it.
  • After finding this app on play store you just open this app and install it on your phone and open it.
  • When you open the app you see this app will give you some number and you need to select one from it, so you just choose any number from this and select it and go to the next level.
  • Then minimize the app and note your virtual number and now install your WhatsApp and create an account on it and then give the virtual number on the number place, and don’t send the verification number on the virtual number you just select the call me the option.
  • And then open the TextNow app and receive the call and get the code and then place the code and verify your WhatsApp account.

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Once you did! now you can launch your WhatsApp account and now you can use your WhatsApp account without any SIM card or number, and you just set your profile or name on your settings option, and now this time to test, you just open your any friends number and send any message to them and check if this method working or not? if this method does not works then here I will show you another method.

I have another amazing method to use WhatsApp account without any number you just need to follow my instruction below, if this method does not works then see my second method and try to this.

Change WhatsApp Number without Verification Code Use Landline Number

To do that you just need to follow my instruction and then you need to implement that on your WhatsApp account, in this second method you need to verify your Whatsapp account using landline number.

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  • So first try to create an account and put your landline number on the number box.
  • Then click on “Ok” and then WhatsApp will give you verification message you just ignore it and click on “Call me now” and then you will get a call from WhatsApp team.
  • Just receive the call from your landline and get the WhatsApp verification code and put on the box.

That’s set you’re done now you can set up your WhatsApp account by just clicking and filling all the boxes if this method doesn’t works then I have another method for you to make your WhatsApp account easily without any number or SIM.

Bypass Whatsapp Verification Code Without Mobile Number

Yes! I will show you how you can easily bypass the WhatsApp verification message and how you can create your own WhatsApp account without any number or anything, so to that, you just follow my instructions below and try this carefully.

  • First, if you have a pre-installed WhatsApp account then remove them or uninstall from your Android/iPhone/Tablet phone.
  • Then download Whatsapp apk from official WhatsApp site
  • Then you just open the app and then before you click on the “Agree and Continue” you just immediately turn on the “Airplane” mode from your mobile.
  • After doing that you will see an option will be opened and then now you can get the verification code from e-mail address, so you just click on “submit” and then immediately click on the cancel button and get the code.

So I think this method work for you, don’t worry if this method doesn’t work I have another method for you, this is one of the best methods for you, and this is really very easy to do.

Use WhatsApp Account Without Any Number or SIM Using Fake-a-message App on iPhone

If you want to create WhatsApp account without any SIM or number on your iPhone then here is the best method for you, this is one of the best methods for iPhone users.

  • You need to install an app on your iPhone and you will find the app on the iPhone official store by searching “Fake-a-message App” and then you just install the app on your iPhone.
  • You just open the app and then choose your any number and then click on the next.
  • Then you just minimize the section of this app, remember don’t exit the app.
  • Then just create an account on WhatsApp and then put the number of the app and then click on ok.
  • Then get the verification code from this app, you just open the app get the code.
  • After getting the code you just put it on your WhatsApp verification box and start using WhatsApp on your iPhone without any number.

So I think now iPhone users also know how to do that if this method does not work on iPhone then ask me the comment section, definitely I will give you the complete information about how to this on your iPhone, and if you’re an Android user from there definitely one method will work, you just do carefully.

FAQs Related To This Topic

How can I use WhatsApp without SIM or number?

Yes! you can do it, not officially but you can do it by using my all step by step guide that given you on the top, so if you want to use the WhatsApp account without SIM then read the full article carefully.

Is it possible to bypass WhatsApp without mobile number? and how to do it?

Officially this is not possible but here I have so many ways to bypass WhatsApp number by using your android and PC, so if you want to do this then read my all the articles completely, you just need to install an app called “TexNow” and using this app you can bypass your WhatsApp number easily.

Can i use a fake number for WhatsApp account creating?

Officially this is not possible to do, but here I have a trick for you to bypass WhatsApp account number by using a fake number, so you just read the full article to know about this technique.

How can I bypass WhatsApp OTP using android?

You cant do it by officially because WhatsApp doesn’t support this, if do it on your android phone to create your WhatsApp account without OTP then definitely you will get banned after some days, but if you do this by using my strategy then you will be safe.

Is it posible to install WhatsApp if I lost my SIM? and how to it?

If you lost or broken your SIM card then you need to buy a new SIM card with the same number to use your old WhatsApp account on your new phone, but if you want to use WhatsApp account without number then here I will be given you complete step by step process about this topic.


Now its time to leave, because I showed you the complete step by step process to create WhatsApp account or WhatsApp business account without any number or SIM card, and now it’s your turn to this on your mobile or tablet.

If those methods don’t work then definitely ask me in the comment section I will give you an answer related to your question related to this topic and if these methods work on your android, iPhone, or tablet then definitely do share on your social media friends, so goodbye for now!

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