How To Find Best Games For Your Android? [03 Simple Methods]

Welcome to our How tocategory, basically in this category we talk about many things like how to do something? And that’s why we made this article for you, I think you guess that what in this article I will talk to you?

In this particular article, I will show you how you can easily find the best android games, also I will show you how to find famous and most played android games.

In this time people like to play games on there phone because playing games are most comfortable, that’s why people like to play games on their android phone, that’s why game developers are making so many games,

If you go on an android google play store you see so many action, adventure, arcade, and puzzle or so many games on there, but you know which game is best for you? And which game is most popular and compatible with your android?

Don’t worry I will show you some steps for knowing which games are best for your android and which game you need to download and play? I will show you some legal methods to know about best android games,

How to Find The Best Games From Google Play-Store?

Find Best Games For Your Android
Play Store For Find The Best Android Games

You know google is the best android games, apps shop, where you find your dream games and apps and also this is officially for android devices, you can just go and find your games and then download, but you know which game is best from google play store? I think no because that’s why you’re on there to know the method,

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For finding the best game from play store you just need to open your play store app then first you need to go on the games category then you need to choose your favorite gaming category, basically you need to find this category which you love so very much, after finding your game category then you see so many games are on your face,

From here you need to keep eye on the top, here in the top you will see some category are on there, like “top free, “top paid”, “top free” basically which are those categories where you will find your games, so if you like to play games by using dollar then you can go the “Top Paid” option, you will find there your best and top games but how to find top games on the “Top Paid Category”? Basically you need to find the stars and ratings, if you see the game has so many ratings and reviews then you can go for it or also, you will see so many screenshots of the games you can see those screenshots and find the best one,

Find your best games from Play-Store by using the top free category

Here is another category for finding the best games for your android which is “Top Free” basically when you go on the game section on play store and then when you choose your gaming category then you will find so many categories on a top section like “top games” “top free” “top paid” and many more,

So in those categories, you just go on the “Top Free” option where you will find so many popular and best games related to your category without paying any money, so just go to the “Top Free” option and find your best and free play store games,

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After finding your best game from the play-store what next? When you find your best game from the play store now what you need to do you just need to download the game and it will automatically install your android phone. So for download the best game from play-store you need to click your game then you will see an option called “install” click on it and install the game

How To Find The Best Game For Your Android By Using Amazon App Store?

Find Best Games For Your Android
Amazon App Store

Amazon app store is made for android apps and games this store made in March 22, 2011, and here you will find your latest android games apps, if you want to get play games without using play store then this is the best genuine website or store for you,

Now I will show you how you can find the best game from the amazon app store for your android phone, so if you want to do that you need to go to the amazon app store and then you need to download there officially amazon app store for your android then you just install there app and open the app from your phone,

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When you open there an official app you will see a simple interface then you need to scroll your left screen and you need to find the “Apps & Games” option and click this for getting lots off apps and games,

That’s set amazon app store was automatically pro installed their lists and they will show you top games and apps on your face, you see “Top Grossing” “Top Free” “Top Paid” and many more, you just select your games and download any games from your choice,

How To Find Best Games By Using Some Famous & Trusted Websites?

Yes! you can download your favorite games without using any play store or Amazon app store, you just need to get help from google, you know if you search on google about a name of your any game, then what you see,

Lots of search results on your screen, yes! now I will show you how to find trustable websites for download latest and famous android games for android, so if you want to do that you just search on google of this keyword “Top android games in any year you put here” and then search for it and open the first result and download any games,


I think now you’re all can download and play your famous and best games on your android because there I showed you three methods to find your best android games by using some easy steps,

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