How to Gain Followers on Twitter: Seven Rules to Grow Your Profile in 2022

Being one of the largest social media platforms, Twitter has become a staple in everyday life. Therefore utilizing it as a base to grow an audience for your brand can be a very lucrative strategy. But to properly maximize the profits of your brand’s Twitter first, you’ll need to gain a significant following.

You might be wondering why you use Twitter in the first place. Unlike other social media giants, Twitter actively promotes brand-friendly strategies to grow its userbase and help businesses flourish.

While other social media networks have niches that cater to their specific userbase, such as how Instagram’s visual style helps promote fashion brands, Twitter approached brand cooperation in a more general sense. From high-end computer component manufacturers to world-famous football clubs, any brand can easily reach its followers.

Gaining followers is a crucial component in growing your brand on Twitter. After all, every follower that likes or retweets your content can further spread your brand, thus growing your brand further. So here are some crucial rules to optimize your follower gain as fast as possible.

1. Have a Complete and Verified Profile

Twitter profile

Let’s start at the beginning, and that is profile creation. This may seem obvious, but if you want your brand to succeed on Twitter, make sure to have a properly filled profile. Don’t cheap out on headers, bio description, or even brand design. There are two aspects of this rule.

Firstly a profile that lacks some details has a higher chance of being missed out. Especially if you’re unable to get the verified checkmark, these checkmarks can make or break a brand’s Twitter debut, as a brand that doesn’t have that blue checkmark loses its trustworthiness and credibility.

Secondly, if you put more effort into designing your brand’s profile, it’ll show your followers that this profile isn’t just some retweet bot. And if your brand has variations in its name, make sure to include those in your bio, as it may help your followers find your brand more easily.

2. Utilize Visual Content

Utilizing visual content is a really simple but important rule. It has been proven how visual content vastly outperforms simple textual content. Even if you have nothing but simple news about your products, it will perform better if you turn it into a creative infographic.

And as an added benefit, you’ll further promote your brand design as visual content can be edited in various styles. The rule of utilizing visual content can be applied at any level of content management, even if it’s a simple reaction GIF that extra effort will pay off with an increase of followers.

3. Tag Other Accounts

Don’t be shy! Engage with other brands that have a similar niche to yours. Tag other accounts as each account mentioned will pop up in their follower’s feed. Just by saying your friend or rival businesses, you might be able to catch the eye of big brands that lead your industry niche.

And if an industry leader follows you, well, then your road to success is guaranteed. If you’re trying to grow your engagement, make sure you tag your followers. But make sure all the tags are relevant, as blindly tagging random accounts may be detrimental to your end goals.

4. Keep Your Tweets on Brand

Sure, meltdowns and ramblings are fun, and they’re the talk of the town when a celebrity or a big brand does them. But they are also incredibly risky and can potentially ruin the perception of your brand online. To avoid that, make sure to keep your Twitter profile on brand.

This means that if you are trying to create a perception of cutesy and lighthearted content, it would probably be detrimental if you were to attempt to break into in-depth political analysis threads. But this rule doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t reach out to your set ideas, just that you shouldn’t post content that might be contrary to your brand’s ideals.

5. Engage Your Audience

Hello sign

This is the golden rule of Twitter, engage your audience. If you spend all of your time curating your content, it will lead to people believing that some AI manages your Twitter profile.

Instead, you should wholeheartedly engage your audience no matter the topic (take note to avoid the famous internet trolls). Be enthusiastic and joyful when interacting with your followers, and put a personal spin on every tweet you send. To put it simply, make your followers feel like they’re interacting with a person and not just a social media profile.

6. Create Twitter Lists

Keeping up with various followers, competitors, experts, and potential recruits can be difficult. But Twitter offers a handy feature of creating Lists that can separate your feed into a more focused content stream. That way, you’ll be able to hone in on the specific feed you’re interested in.

No longer will you need to navigate the jumbled mess of the main Twitter feed. But instead, you’ll have a curated list that works perfectly for your desires. Creating Twitter Lists also enables you to monitor potential recruits. You can group them all into a single list without necessarily following them (and thus revealing that you see them as potential recruits).

7. Follow Current Trends

While it’s important to keep your Twitter activity on brand, make sure that you keep up with current trends. Following current trends lets, you see what people are interested in and what trend or news story has the most active followers.

From the trending tab (which follows most of the current trends), Twitter users will see that you’re up to date and trendy. If there is some news about an important event or a tragedy, make sure to condemn it or provide commentary. Otherwise, your silence may be interpreted as support.

This rule is a lot looser in its application and must be used in tandem with the fourth rule of keeping your profile on brand. With these two rules, you’ll be able to assess the optimal time and topic you should post properly.


Finally, make sure your post, retweet, and respond consistently. There’s no use in a brand that goes completely silent for months on end in the followers’ eyes. So make sure you have a consistent schedule that keeps your engagement at optimal levels.

There’s also one last overarching rule that you must keep in mind with all these rules. Be creative. With everything, you try to give it your all and keep your creativity at a maximum for every project. And if you follow these rules while trying to be as creative as possible, you will achieve your goals without any issues.