How Can You Generate Great Leads with Small Business Marketing?

Would you let your customers search for your business instead of finding another way out? Look no further than online business marketing! There are over tons of companies, big and small. Bringing ideal customers to your place can do wonders for you.

How will you know your target market? Build a buyer’s persona. It never hurts to do that; you learn a lot about your customers and base. The better is your business advertising more is your profit. You create a representative model of your potential customer.

Here are a few ways of doing so:

  • Customer interviews
  • Surveys
  • Live chat transcripts
  • Digital analytics

Narrow down your audience to a level so that you can choose the correct marketing channels. As a business owner, you can’t waste a lot of money just on marketing strategies that don’t suit your needs. Let’s talk about an option that can get the most from your bucks. Small business marketing is the right choice!

Word audience

If you are talking about the best marketing strategy, small business advertising is the best! Start with Google; make sure you have a website, local listings, Google My Business Profile, and ads are aligned with it. The exposure you will get through this will make you rank higher in Google results.

Make a Website

63% of consumers choose to find or engage brands through their website. There are around 70,000 searches per second on Google, and your business website is the means to grow your small business. When making a website, you also have to think about hosting. What we love about WPMU DEV Hosting most is it’s packed with unique and powerful hosting features you won’t find anywhere else (like 7 built-in pro WP plugins). See for yourself and get 20% off any of their hosting plans here.

You need to make sure your website is scaled up well for small business marketing and quickly adapt to Google’s algorithm changes. In the end, Google favors those websites that users favor and engages the ideal customers.

To get a return on investment, you must:

  • Use contact forms to generate leads.
  • Make important information available to reduce bounce rate.
  • Create seamless navigation on-page.
  • Make it convenient to contact your business
  • Read more about an effective website

Optimize Your Website

Search engine optimization written in scrabble letters

Do you know 58% of website traffic comes from organic search? That is more than your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and social media. Optimizing the website is the most crucial step of a small business marketing plan. The main objective of SEO is to get your website in top searches where potential customers can find you and reach your product or services.

Publishing trustworthy and helpful content is an effective SEO strategy. Use the right keywords to target the right audience. Placing those keywords in spots on your website can help you get identified, categorized, and filtered from relevant searches.

So, maximize the quality of content to rank higher and put you in front of a larger audience. Improving your website SEO require time, effort, and expertise. It will push your small business advertising strategy much. Keep yourself updated with Google’s changing algorithm.

Optimize Your Directory Listings


Google provides answers before you even press the enter button. Just look at the search results pages becoming more prosperous, drop down the answers directly in the search suggestions. Now it is vital to optimizing your information in online directories.

Your listing strategy must include getting registered on Facebook, Yelp, Google My Business, and so on other websites. Make sure your information is identical across all media platforms. Regularly update your working hours and contact information to stay active and collect positive online reviews.

Optimize Your Google My Business Page Profile

Google My Business

Google My Business Page is a significant part of small business marketing. Google search results provide information on local businesses to potential customers. The more quickly it grabs information, the more it can trust your website, and the higher you will rank in search results.

Google My Business allows your local business to appear in:

  • Google Maps
  • Google Search
  • Knowledge Panel

Studies show that a complete Google Business Profile gets seven times more clicks than an incomplete one. So before digging around your website and online directories, make sure you start with your Google Business Profile to get optimized. Doing so will help up your small business advertising strategy.

Invest in Google Ads

PPC ads can boost brand awareness by 80%. According to stats given by Google, $1 spent on Google AdWords can help a business earn average revenue of $2. Hence your business can get double ROIs or even more. Putting high target ads enables you to find your ideal customer and maximize your marketing dollars.

You can bid on specific optimized keywords and attach a link to your landing page. This way, Google can show your ad on top of search results. Such a small business marketing strategy can create brand awareness and generate leads directly to your platform, allowing you to build a new audience and create authenticity for your business. Remember to invest through the right marketing partner.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads on screen

Facebook has an extensive user base. Facebook small business marketing is effective because it allows you to reach customers through a place where they spend a lot of time. Facebook is everyone’s favorite app to connect with individuals and brands because users here are in a stable state of engagement.

Therefore, they desire to consume as much information as they can. More importantly, Facebook has a lot of psychographic information about its users, helping you target the right audience and ensure your ads appear specifically in places. In return, you will get the highest ROI.

Reputation Management

Collecting reviews is an integral part of optimizing your Google My Business listing. Reputation Management. This small business marketing strategy yields excellent profits. Around 78% of people trust online reviews and recommendations from a friend.

67% of consumers say positive review makes them trust a brand more. Consumers conduct thorough research before making purchases, and online reviews impact it crucially.

To get online reviews, you can:

  • Ask for reviews and start with loyal customers.
  • Make it convenient for customers to leave reviews on your page. For example, generate a Google review link.
  • Respond to all reviews and especially to positive ones.
  • Resolve the negative reviews; it shows you care about them and turn them into positive ones!

Prioritize Small Business Marketing


Google is getting more powerful day by day. Its ability to connect consumers with specific products is imperative. If you want to get the maximum bang for each of your buck and enhance your small business marketing:

  • Make sure you target the right audience at the right time with the right content.
  • Optimize your online properties to rank high as possible in local search results.
  • Refine your content to create a significant impact.
  • Thoroughly optimize your website and listings to maintain an active presence across the internet.
  • Gather all the accurate data and make strategies that work best for your niche.
  • Ensure your money and time are being used wisely through the right platform.

However, small business marketing is so much more; you need to find a good strategic plan. Align with Google; it will automatically help you connect with potential customers.

It will increase the chances of getting a high return on your investment. A step towards a powerpack marketing goal today! We hope this article is helpful for you, and may you generate great leads with these steps!

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