Top Six Best Facebook Auto Liker Apps for Android

Facebook is a platform that has gained in popularity very quickly. You can post photos or statuses on it to share publicly or only with friends who follow you. Today, Facebook is mainly used for likes and comments on the posts of followers and friends and tracking how many comments or photos have been commented on or collected likes.

The more likes or comments you get, the more it represents you in the audience’s eyes compared to the others. Accordingly, Facebook auto-like apps are currently one of the easiest and best ways to get likes and random comments on content you post through your Facebook profile.

The following article will present some of the best available automatic liking tools for Facebook for Android users.

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1. FB Liker

FB Liker

FB Liker is one of the best applications for achieving auto likes on Facebook posts through Android systems. Whether it’s increasing the number of likes on your status, published photos, or comments, anything is possible with this tool. What is needed for this application to work adequately is that your profile must be public, and all posts must be available.

You need to log in to your Facebook account, then to the FB Liker app and select the content you want to like. The primary advantages of using this app are automatically generated likes with reliability, ease of downloading the application, getting likes in real-time, using free advertising software, and a well-designed user interface.

2. 4Liker App


The following app offers the ability to get a lot of likes on your Facebook profile. You need to log in to your chosen Facebook account through this application, set your profile and posts as “public,” and the rest is magic.

Within seconds your posts and photos will have tons of likes. The 4Liker app can also automatically like published videos or custom URL posts. It is one of the most popular auto like apps on the market available for your Android device.

3. ApentalCalc


An Android app called Apental Calc is a free app that helps Facebook users increase comments and likes. The fantastic team behind this app has managed to create such an app that it does not allow other users to recognize that the preferences are generated through the tool.

Unlike other similar tools, Apental Calc is 100% reliable and safe to use. You can use it directly via your mobile device with the necessary login to your Facebook account. The latest version of the app offers some additional changes that include removing ads and sponsored links.

4. Get Instant Likes

Get Instant Likes

The app’s focus, called Get Instant Likes, is getting followers, likes, comments, and views on all your posts and content on your Facebook profile.

It can serve as an aid in placing tags for use on your posts, which further enhances getting likes in real-time. The application is specific for its speed, an extensive database containing popular hashtags, and unlimited likes and comments.

5. KpLiker


The next application used by Android users to collect auto likes is KpLiker. Likes are sent to your posts and photos on Facebook profiles via this app.

To access the session, you need to find out about the privacy policy and conditions of use of the application. With the help of the KpLiker application, you can get free likes from unknown sources.

6. King Liker

King Liker

Last but not least, King Liker is no less important than the others mentioned. The app offers more than 200 likes on just one use on your Facebook profiles.

You do not need to access your original account to prevent account compromise when using this application. You can increase the number of likes on photos, posts, statuses, videos, and Facebook pages for free with the application.


When choosing to use some of the mentioned tools, it is essential to pay attention to the fact that following Facebook regulations, services such as car likes are not supported. Accordingly, if the team of experts behind Facebook determines that your account is suspicious in this regard, they can order regional operations of your profile.

It’s important to note that when using any of the apps, don’t use your actual Facebook profile to compromise your account. Now it’s up to you to choose one of the mentioned apps and start using it to increase the reach of your posts.